Meaghan Cameron

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Hudson Valley, NY
Pace University
Food Media, Wine And Food Tasting, Restaurant Reviews
  • Meaghan has attended numerous industry wine and food tastings, where she had the opportunity to network with esteemed chefs and mixologists.
  • Among the highlights of her career is having the chance to be served a cocktail by Guy Fieri in the Food Network kitchen, closely followed by her memorable interview with Ina Garten.
  • One of Meaghan's notable strengths lies in her ability to transform captivating sound bites into viral articles. A prime example is her piece, "2 Grocery-Store Products Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian Will Never, Ever Buy."


Meaghan has over 15 years of experience writing and editing food, travel, fitness, sports, and lifestyle material. Her professional journey began at Reader's Digest, where she honed her skills and developed a passion for creating engaging content. Throughout her career, she has contributed her expertise to renowned platforms such as Food Network, Martha Stewart, Outside Television, and Eat This, Not That! Additionally, Meaghan has valuable experience in radio and video production. Before entering the world of content creation, Meaghan spent more than a decade working in the restaurant industry. This hands-on experience has provided her with insider knowledge and secrets about the workings of the industry.


Meaghan holds a bachelor's degree in English from SUNY Purchase and a master's degree in publishing from Pace University.
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