Madisen Swenson

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Utah, United States
University Of Utah
Cooking Tips And Tricks, Culinary History, Budget-Friendly Recipes
  • Madisen previously worked as a professional specialty coffee barista with La Colombe, slinging drinks for over 500 customers daily in Downtown Washington, D.C.
  • She managed several food brands' creative and marketing content, which gave her insight into what home cooks and professional chefs alike need in the kitchen.
  • Growing up in rural Utah allowed Madisen to fully embrace downhome cooking on a dime, but she also remains enamored with the world of high-end cuisine and dining.


Having worked as a food service worker while living in the nation's capital, Madisen has learned the beauty and the burden of cooking, eating, and entertaining on a budget. After four years in the food service industry, Madisen looked to help struggling food brands make their way into the sprawling world of e-commerce, working as a copywriter and creative director at two marketing agencies. However, she missed her time spent in the kitchen and writing about her true passion — making, eating, and learning about food. She now works as a food news writer with Mashed and continues to expand her knowledge of food and culture.


Madisen earned a bachelor's degree in writing, rhetoric, and gender studies at the University of Utah. Her degree in the humanities has made her love of food both personal and political, always keeping sight of the big picture of what we eat and why.
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