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The University Of The Arts
Food Travel, Restaurant Recommendations, Cheese/Charcuterie
  • Within the past year, Madalyn traveled and ate her way through 10+ countries while backpacking solo and working on a cruise ship, discovering that the best bites were often the most budget-friendly and off the beaten path.
  • Madalyn took a deep dive into the world of charcuterie after her time as a food tour guide taking guests to local markets and cheesemongers was cut short due to the pandemic. She is now happily responsible for creating beautiful, delectable boards for every dinner party and family gathering. (Her go-to cheese is an aged Havarti).
  • After living in Philadelphia for five years, Madalyn definitely knows where to find the best Philly cheesesteak. She'll tell you her answer only if you promise to try her other recommendations from the city's underrated foodie scene.


Originally from South Florida, Madalyn began working as a freelance content writer while living and studying in Philadelphia, writing for numerous brands with search engine marketing company The Hoth. Over the years, she's covered topics ranging from food and travel to lifestyle and the home. Her passion for food originates from an extended family of home cooks and experience working as a hostess and food tour guide in the restaurant scene. She is currently based in NYC, voraciously exploring this food mecca of a city while cooking up news stories for Today Meal.


Madalyn holds a B.F.A. in musical theatre from the University of the Arts.
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