Julia Dunn

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Munich, Germany
Ludwig Maximilians Universität
Contemporary Food, Food Trends, Contemporary History
  • Majoring in contemporary cultural history, Julia spent three years looking into what culturally dominated the world from 1910 to 2010. Of course, a large part of our culture is food: if we are what we eat, who are we?
  • Her interest in food was first truly piqued while interning at various organic farms in Hawaii, where she was truly gobsmacked at the vast spectrum of produce on one island.
  • Some of Julia's favorite literature on food and eating is: Commensality: From Everyday Food to Feast, Kitchen Confidential, Julia Child's My Life in France and of course... Like Water for Chocolate.


Writing has always been explorative for Julia. While writing her degree in history, she tended to ask why and how do things happen, and then of course, since when have they happened? As she branched outward, to write for various German and English-based websites and zines, she found herself carrying these questions along with her. Today, she works for Mashed to turn this lens on current food trends.


Julia spent three years studying contemporary history at Ludwigs Maximilian Universität where she researched topics such as the perception (and influence of) of Italian cuisine in the '50s, the history of Kosher and Kashrut eating, and contemporary foodways.
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