Jess Jeziorowski

Photo of Jess Jeziorowski
Wrocław, Poland
SUNY College At Fredonia
Italian-American Cuisine, Intuitive (No Recipe) Cooking, Foundations Of Cooking
  • Jess has been writing professionally for nearly 10 years but has been writing creatively since she was 11.
  • She developed two recipes of regional Italian-American cuisine that appeared in a cookbook featuring recipes from the immigrant population in Wrocław, Poland.
  • When not cooking or writing about food, Jess is revising her first novel for publication.


Jess is from Central New York, and spent 10 years traveling, teaching, and writing before settling as an ex-pat in Poland. On her travels, she discovered as much as she could about the regional cuisines of her host countries, from ingredients to techniques, and spent a lot of time in her kitchen experimenting. With a deep love and appreciation for food and writing and a firm belief that cooking doesn't have to be intimidating, Jess decided to start a food blog to help novice cooks grasp the foundations of cooking to become confident, intuitive cooks. She has a soft spot for Upstate New York's regional foods like chicken riggies, tomato pie, and half-moon cookies.


Jess attended SUNY College at Fredonia, where she majored in political science, minored in journalism, and worked as a copy editor at the campus newspaper.
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