Jennifer Richmond

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Redondo Beach, CA
Food History, Cocktails, Vintage Lifestyle
  • Jennifer has been creating sweet and savory dishes since her mother first taught her how to turn on a Kitchenaid mixer. That love for food and drink turned into creating, researching, and writing recipes from yesterday and today on her blog.
  • Researching the history of food and drink is one of her favorite pastimes. She loves digging into the stories of how a cocktail came into existence and who was behind the original chocolate chip cookie recipe.


Jennifer worked and wrote for a variety of television shows, from "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place" to "The Shield." After several years in film and television, Jennifer wanted to start a family and switched gears to focus on food and cocktails, which she has been writing about for the past 12 years. She's been a contributor to online publications Marjorie Magazine and The Vintage Woman since they began. Because Jennifer loves mixing up drinks and sharing her knowledge with the public, she's done several drink demos for both the Center for Culinary Culture and the Orange County Fair. All of her articles and blog posts turned into a full-time career when she joined Alb Media in 2022. A vintage lover at heart, Jennifer adores researching the history behind classic recipes and often takes time out of her busy schedule to attend retro presentations, including swing dances and '20s-themed garden parties.


Jennifer has a bachelor's degree in English from UCLA.
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