Ellen Kershner

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New Jersey
American University
Restaurants, Cookbooks, Gourmet Cooking
  • Ellen sampled and wrote up reviews for established and up-and-coming regional restaurants like Treno and Capital Grille. She also interviewed restaurant owners like Crux owner and chef Joe Stewart and wrote insightful articles highlighting their contributions.
  • Ellen compiled, tested, wrote, and edited reader recipe submissions for biannual cookbooks published by Shopper's Guide. These cookbooks contained hundreds of original recipes that needed to be fact-checked and rewritten for accuracy.
  • Ellen is a gourmet chef experienced with a wide range of ingredients, cooking, and baking methods. Her favorite chefs are Rachael Ray and Thomas Keller, and her most-enjoyed creations include horseradish-encrusted salmon, water chestnut-infused ground chicken meatballs, and homemade birthday cakes.


Ellen has a journalism background and also wrote print ads and articles for the Inquirer and local South Jersey publications before switching to content writing. She was a freelance columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer in 2010. In 2017, Ellen launched her remote content writing company. Ellen founded Words' Worth Content Writing and has crafted countless articles, blogs, website content, and white papers for clients like Wordsmyth Creative Content Marketing, 55Places.com, and Spryte Communications. Ellen started writing for Home Digest and Today Meal in 2022 before joining The List in 2023.


Ellen received a B.A. in Public Communications at American University and graduated summa cum laude. She completed classes in advertising copywriting, magazine writing, public speaking, and persuasive writing.
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