Corin MJ Bae

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Montréal, Canada
McGill University
Coffee And Tea, East Asian Café Culture, Korean Cuisine And History
  • Corin is an enthusiast in all things tea and coffee, from history, sourcing, brewing, to all the new trends and permutations across the globe.
  • Alongside years of experience as a barista in both Canada and South Korea, they've had the pleasure of trawling Tokyo, Kyoto, and Seoul to study the local café culture and hidden gems.
  • When not working, they're busy exploring the local coffee roasteries in Montréal or experimenting with Korean food fusions at home.


Corin's professional career as a writer started in video games, where they focused on making comprehensive, clear, and accessible guides to sprawling and detailed titles. Since joining Static as a News Writer in 2022, they've honed their ability to dig into and break down complex topics into digestible pieces that anyone can enjoy. Whether constructing detailed guides, descriptive features, or in-depth news, Corin approaches all writing with one goal in mind: delivering a quality piece of writing that's fun, informative, and easy to read.


Corin graduated from McGill University with a B.A. in English and East Asian Cultural Studies. This formal education in literature, film, and media history has given them the expertise to add a more culturally comprehensive angle to any topic.
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