Carly Weaver

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Los Angeles, California
Pepperdine University
Cookbook Recipes, Culinary Travel Destinations, LA Restaurants
  • Carly has been to Italy seven times — it's her favorite place to travel, and one that's always fueled and inspired her love of food. She plans to study at a culinary academy in Florence later this year, and can't wait to get back.
  • Determined to put all of her cookbooks to good use, Carly is the founder and host of a long-running Cookbook Club. Separately, in 2021 she cooked every recipe in Alison Roman's Dining In.
  • Carly works part-time at a local cooking school, where she continues to expand her culinary knowledge and pursue her passion for all things food.


Throughout her digital marketing career, Carly has developed and written content in the food and beverage industry for clients like Nestle, DiGiorno, and Anheuser-Busch — contributing everything from brand manifestos and internal communications to social media copy and influencer campaign creative. For the past two years she's been freelance writing for a variety of food and travel websites, focusing on small businesses. With an undying love for food, restaurants, and travel, Carly writes about L.A. dining, food rankings, and travel eats on her personal blog. She's an avid home cook whose kitchen is chock-full of cookbooks and food puns.


Carly studied at Pepperdine University, receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications and graduating magna cum laude in 2011.
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