August Croft

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Southern Oregon University
Zero-Waste Recipes, Seasonal Cuisine, Craft Beer And Coffee Fanatic
  • August began exploring their passion for intuitive cooking as a young adult, asking friends and family to give them challenges based on the popular TV show "Chopped."
  • After living in a 19-foot-long travel trailer with their partner and working as an Oregon State Park camp host for two years, August is now an expert when it comes to sustainable cooking in a compact kitchen or over a campfire.
  • They expanded their knowledge of food and coffee upon moving to Portland, Oregon in 2016, working multiple roles in notable shops such as Blue Star Donuts, Tōv, and Fried Egg I'm in Love.


August considers themself a jack of all trades when it comes to their writing, having been a freelance writer since 2020 and a creative writer since the age of 10. Capable of crafting over 5,000 words per day, August works for A-Z Animals, Curated, and local clients alongside Today Meal while still making progress on their own plays and novels. Currently based in Southern Oregon after purchasing their first home, August loves growing their own produce and dabbling with fermentation, saving for an ideal homebrew setup to bring their craft beer dreams to life.


August attended Southern Oregon University and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in performance with an emphasis on writing, both for stage and page.
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