Abbey Ryan

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Liberty University
Adventurous Food, Easy Recipes, Healthy Living
  • As of 2023, Abbey has been to the 48 contiguous United States and eaten local favorite foods in all of them
  • Her book, "The Ultimate Guide to Virginia Hiking," is a brief glimpse into her love for travel and adventure
  • Her cousin won Hell's Kitchen 2016, so the love of food obviously runs in the family.


Abbey Ryan is an avid writer and has been since the moment she learned to spell. She began her unique writing career back in middle school where she created her own weekly newspaper filled with ads, original artwork, and opinion pieces. Fast-forward to today and she's six years into her professional (paid) writing career where she serves a variety of clients, magazines, and businesses. Her work has been featured in The Chicago Tribune, Amazon, The Medical News Today, and more. With a specialization in copywriting, keywords, and effective communication, she loves making words digestible for the modern internet audience. (That's just a fancy way of saying she enjoys telling stories and making valuable information more fun to read.) At any given time, you can bet she's probably traveling in her self-converted sprinter van with a notebook in hand, eating a big bowl of chips and guac.


Abbey graduated with two bachelor's degrees (Project Management and Human Resources), plus an associate degree in Business Administration, from Liberty University.
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