Add Chile Peppers To Your Aperol Spritz For A Spicy Twist On The Classic Drink

Aperol spritz cocktails are the perfect summer drink — they're fruity, light, and go down easy. Plus, they're a classy beverage ideal for garden parties, picnics, or any other outdoor event you might be hosting this season.

While there's nothing wrong with a classic Aperol spritz, you can also brighten up the flavor and give it a unique twist by adding hot chile peppers to your drink. Not only do you get a winning sweet and spicy combination, but the savory taste of the peppers also livens up the bitter flavors in the Aperol. At the same time, the sweetness of the drink prevents it from becoming overly spicy. Plus, the tickle of the spice can enhance the effervescence of the beverage. All that results in a drink that's a great alternative to other well-known cocktails, like the spicy margarita.

The drink can also be fairly versatile. You can make it as spicy as you like by playing around with how much pepper you incorporate. And, since it packs a warm kick, it can work to refresh you on cooler weather days, too.

How to incorporate peppers into your Aperol spritz

When it comes to making a spicy Aperol spritz, don't feel that you have to stick to a specific kind of pepper. Jalapeños are a great choice if you want a kick but don't want to burn your mouth off. On the other hand, if you're a fan of heat, serrano peppers can be a better option. You could also experiment with other chile peppers, like the Scotch Bonnet. Remember, different types of peppers offer different levels of heat and tasting notes, all of which will ultimately affect your Aperol spritz.

Once you know which peppers you'll add, you can actually incorporate them in various ways. One method is to make a simple syrup and add your peppers to create a spicy version. Another option is to use the peppers' juice. Or, you can infuse the Aperol with the peppers by adding a few to the alcohol and letting them meld in the fridge for a couple of days before you craft your cocktail.

Garnishes and other add-ins for your spicy Aperol spritz

If you're making an Aperol spritz with hot peppers, you might find that a touch of sweetness can help prevent the drink from becoming too savory. Plus, since sugar helps neutralize spice, adding a bit (or using agave nectar or honey) can be a good way to keep the drink from turning into liquid fire. You can counteract these issues by adding a dash of sugar or simple syrup to the beverage.

Beyond adding sugar, another trick might be to play up some of the other flavors in your cocktail. For instance, enhance the bitter orange taste of the Aperol with a few drops of orange bitters. Or, increase the citrusy feel of the drink with a bit of lime juice.

And, of course, the last step of making your cocktail is to garnish the glass. You can stick with the classic sprig of rosemary or orange wheel, or you could add a pepper slice. Another choice is to rim your glass. A honey rim could add those sweet notes and help soothe the heat of the drink. Or, swinging the opposite way, a spicy rim might be ideal for ramping up those hot flavors. No matter how you garnish your drink and what other add-ins you use, the spicy Aperol spritz is the perfect drink to try out when you want something refreshing to sip on.