We Tried Kit Kat's New Pink Lemonade Flavor So You Don't Have To

In Japan, Kit Kats are so popular that customers have over 300 flavors to choose from. In the United States, Kit Kat mavens have far less options, but are thankful nonetheless for what we have. While flavors like regular, white chocolate, and dark chocolate are always at the ready, in the past decade, Hershey's has been releasing several limited editions to mix things up. These Kit Kats tend to borrow familiar fun flavors from other foods, and pair well with a particular time of the year. The newest edition to the family is tapping the taste of a popular drink, and hoping that it will be quite the refreshing change of pace for summer 2024 – - Kit Kat Pink Lemonade.

So, what exactly is Kit Kat Pink Lemonade all about? Is it the coolest way to kick off the summer, or should we borrow the company's famous slogan, and say, "gimme a break." The fine folks at Hershey's sent us a few packs to find out for ourselves. This chew and review is based on taste, originality, summer vibes, Kit Kattiness, and overall lovability.

Some recommendations are based on first-hand impressions of promotional materials and products provided by the manufacturer.

What does Kit Kat Pink Lemonade taste like?

From its vibrant packaging, Kit Kat Pink Lemonade seems like it might be a cross between the seasonal flavors Raspberry Creme and Lemon Crisp. Opening the package, I was immediately taken aback by the unnerving shade of pink. It's as if the candy maker set up a collaboration that no one asked for with Pepto Bismol. The smell emitting from them didn't help to set a tone that was any more inviting. I started having flashbacks to the time I tried those noxious Goldfish Hello Kitty Strawberry Shortcake Grahams, which was like eating an air freshener.

Luckily, appearances and odors did not end up defining Kit Kat Pink Lemonade. While there are certainly notes of artificial strawberry found within the white chocolate's flavoring, it's a little more subdued in its taste. It pairs up rather well with the lemon and wisely leans on the citrus fruit's sweet aspects and avoids its sourness. It didn't really capture the spirit and taste of any pink lemonade I've ever sipped, but it still made for both a smooth and novel Kit Kat.

Some Kit Kat eaters like to eat the chocolate coating first before attacking the wafers afterwards. That is not recommended here, as the chocolate's flavoring only works in conjunction with the actual wafer to form a complete taste.

Kit Kat Pink Lemonade nutritional information

Kit Kat Pink Lemonade is made of sugar, vegetable oil, wheat flour, skim milk, corn syrup solids, lactose, and contains 2% or less of chocolate, natural and artificial flavor, lectin, PGPR, salt, yeast, baking soda, and the artificial color red 40 lake. It contains the common allergens milk, wheat, and soy, and is made in a facility that processes peanuts. This confection is Kosher, with dairy present.

The standard, regular size of Kit Kat Pink Lemonade contains four fingers for a total of 42 grams. That single serving size is good for 220 calories, 12 grams of fat, 7 grams of saturated fat, 40 milligrams of sodium, 27 grams of total carbohydrates, 21 grams of sugars, including 18 grams of added sugars, and 2 grams of protein. These Kit Kats are free of trans fat, cholesterol, and dietary fiber. They contribute 4% of calcium and 2% of potassium to a recommended daily diet.

How to buy Kit Kat Pink Lemonade

Kit Kat Pink Lemonade is a seasonal flavor. It will be rolling into retailers and convenience stores this May, for a limited amount of time, while supplies last.

It will be available in two sizes — a standard 1.5-ounce, four-finger pack, and the 3-ounce King Size packs. Price varies per retailer. Based on the best by date, which may one day become a thing of the past, this Kit Kat will be good for up to a whole year without opening.

Our final thoughts on Kit Kat Pink Lemonade

Fruit flavors and chocolate tend to make for a tricky duo. Kit Kat has proven that the combo of the two can either succeed fantastically and or fail disgustingly. When I did a ranking of the other flavors of Kit Kat, I was pleasantly surprised at how great the Lemon Crisp flavor turned out to be, and on the other end of the spectrum, how I wish Raspberry Creme never existed. Thankfully, Pink Lemonade turned out to be a most welcome addition to the Kit Kat family.

While it may not fool anyone into thinking they're eating the chocolate form of pink lemonade, Kit Kat Pink Lemonade is still a smooth and tasty confection sure to please any palate. It's not quite in the upper echelons where Lemon Crisp lies, but is a comely curio more reminiscent of the Witch's Brew flavor. Maybe a better name for this new Kit Kat would have been Cool Summer's Brew?