Here's What It Means To Order 'Mike's Way' At Jersey Mike's

One of the biggest advantages a sandwich shop can have over your home kitchen is the sheer size of the fillings selection. You can easily be overwhelmed by the slew of sauces and vats of veggies. If you don't want to wind up with an overstuffed sammie, it's best to keep it simple.

At Jersey Mike's Subs, assembling a balanced assortment of fillings is incredibly easy. All you need to do is order your sub, 'Mike's Way.' The sandwich slingers will unquestionably know what you mean and begin putting together a sandwich topped with onion, lettuce, and tomato. Then, they'll dress the sub with squirts of an olive oil and red wine vinegar mixture, and finish it with a sprinkle of seasoning. These ingredients are added in a specific order that is meant to make every bite you take the perfect package of taste and mouthfeel. Once this succulent-sounding sandwich is finished, you're free to be on your way... or rather, 'Mike's Way'. 

What makes a sub 'Mike's Way'?

When you order a Jersey Mike's sub with the 'Mike's Way' topping selection, your sandwich will get lettuce, tomato, onion, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and spices. Don't let the standard six ingredients dissuade you from experimentation — the other toppings are still available to add. The oil and vinegar combination is often referred to as "The Juice" and is said to give the sandwich a flavor boost. When you order your sub 'Mike's Way,' the sandwich-maker lays down the meat, then toppings, adds a squirt of The Juice, and finishes it with seasoning. Sandwiches need balance, and adding this burst of acid, oil, and spices is one way to do it.

Though all of Jersey Mike's subs can be ordered in this signature style, the chain advises it only be put on cold sandwiches. TikTok user @btsjerseymike shows a video where they make a hot Famous Philly sub 'Mike's Way', but explains that this isn't recommended. It's easy to understand how both The Juice and the moisture from grilled vegetables could make a mushy mess. 'Mike's Way' can give most Jersey Mike's subs an upgrade — it is often added to The Veggie, where it transforms a simple stack of vegetables and cheese into something more flavorful and well-rounded. It also brings balance to the rich meats found on the chain's signature sandwich, The Original Italian.

More thoughts on ordering 'Mike's Way'

Although it's often suggested, ordering your sandwich 'Mike's Way' isn't always the right way. One Reddit user describes a sandwich prepared Mike's Way as, "the wettest, most soggiest sandwich you've ever touched. Now imagine it's twice as soggy." Clearly, the chain's signature topping selection isn't for everyone.


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A TikTok user and Jersey Mike's employee posted a video where he breaks down the meaning of 'Mike's Way.' He laments how often people order a sandwich with the same six toppings specified by the term 'Mike's Way' but fail to use the timesaving shorthand, instead ordering each ingredient individually. He also tells prospective Jersey Mike's patrons that your sandwich maker will always ask before applying the dressing, and customers can add or subtract from the six-ingredient spread as they please. Finally, if you are curious about 'Mike's Way' but still cannot stand a sandwich with soggy bread, he tells us the chain has pre-made portions of the olive oil and red wine vinegar mix, and customers can ask for the sauce on the side. So next time you go out and get a sub 'Mike's Way', appreciate how the crispy veggies sprinkled with seasoning and drizzled in The Juice make for an excellent eating experience.