The UK Costco Food Court Item We're Begging To Come To The US

To many members of the warehouse retail chain, a visit to the iconic Costco food court easily ranks as the best part of any shopping excursion. While shoppers in the U.S. are privy to great selections, such as Costco's food court pizza, a post on Reddit has American customers salivating over an item that's apparently only available in U.K. locations. During an overseas visit, a shopper noticed that the Edinburgh, Scotland, Costco food court features a jacket potato. 

For those unaware, jacket potatoes and baked potatoes are largely the same, as both preparations are baked and adorned with a wide selection of toppings. According to the food court menu at the Edinburgh Costco, jacket potato toppings include tuna, cheese, beef chili, and baked beans. And while two of those toppings may flummox American palates (looking at you tuna and baked beans), some U.S. customers seem to be fully on board with the idea.

One commenter wrote, "Omg why can't we have jacket potatoes in the states?!?!?" Another shared their experience with Costco's jacket potato, stating, "I had one with chili and cheese at a London location, and it was fantastic."

Major differences between U.K. and U.S. food courts

A closer look at the Edinburgh food court menu shows that the coveted jacket potato is not the only difference between U.K. and U.S. locations. Shoppers across the pond can also indulge in a double chicken sandwich, which commenters on Reddit described as "good ... not great" and "not bad." U.K. locations also carry caramel fudge sundaes (stateside locations offer sundaes with a choice of chocolate or strawberry topping) and gelato.

Along with Costco food court staples like chicken bakes and hot dogs (which can be combined to create the infamous forbidden glizzy), American Costco stores also offer a turkey and Swiss sandwich. Along with its staple ingredients, this sandwich also features mayo, mustard, and a spread consisting of sun-dried tomatoes. Shoppers in the States can also order a rotisserie chicken Caesar salad, which includes romaine lettuce and parmesan cheese. And for dessert, American Costco fans can enjoy a giant chocolate chip cookie. 

How does Costco choose what items to sell in its food court?

Like most other grocery stores, Costco is pretty clever in its quest to ensure a steady influx of profits. That explains the strategy behind Costco's food court layout, as situating it near the checkout area entices shoppers to purchase a bite to eat before heading home. It also prevents them from filling up on goodies before shopping, which can result in buying less food. Decisions regarding the Costco food court selection also focus on profits. 

Take the decision to cease selling the seemingly popular Polish dog, which went the way of the dinosaur in 2018. While lots of customers were upset by the loss, a Costco statement featured on the chain's website cited poor profits as the reason for its demise. Regarding the discontinuation, Costco claimed, "Sales show this is what the majority of members prefer" even though "many members loved the Polish Dog." 

As for the buzz surrounding the jacket potato found in U.K. Costco locations, American shoppers shouldn't get their hopes up. The retailer tends to adjust its menu based on the local tastes of its customers, and potato layered in baked beans and tuna doesn't appear to be as popular of a choice in the States as it is in other countries.