The Easy Crescent Roll Hack For Effortless Homemade Pie

Did you know that you can use a crescent roll as a delicious pie crust? By simply layering your preferred pie ingredients between crescent dough sheets and baking it before topping it off, you can make an incredible homemade pie. This is a deliciously sweet way to hack your crescent rolls. Folks have tried this amazing treat and reported satisfying results.

TikTok's Crazy for Crust posted a video where they made apple pie encrusted with crescent rolls. The video has over 50,000 likes, which is indicative of how much people love this idea.


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Users shared in the comments how they made their own version of this tasty treat and just how good it was. One poster said, "I made [it] with cherry filling. Easy good tasty." Another shared, "I do this but use cream cheese and a little sugar in with the fruit filling. So yummy!"

Customize your own crescent roll pie

There are plenty of sweet and savory pie fillings that you can pack inside of a crescent roll crust to make a delicious homemade pie that suits your tastes. If you've got more of a sweet tooth, make a crescent roll pie with a cherry filling topped off with sweet icing. A blueberry crescent roll pie glazed with sugar and lemon for extra sweet and sour flavor may also taste great. Know what else makes for a sweet crescent pie filling? Chocolate!

More of a savory tooth in your mouth? No problem. Stuff your crescent roll pie crust with spaghetti sauce, meat, and cheddar cheese for a pie with a "ravioli twist." Want to make a hearty pie? Bake a crescent-crust chicken pot pie with rotisserie chicken. Combine your love of seafood and pie by stuffing your crescent crust with crawfish! Give your crescent pie a pizza taste by filling your crust with sausage, then slather the crust with cheese and tomato sauce. You even make an Italian zucchini crescent pie.

This crescent roll hack to make a delicious homemade pie is a mouth-watering idea. And these aren't the only foods you didn't know you could make with crescent rolls.