The Extra Step For The Crunchiest Quesadilla Ever

Quesadillas are a perfectly easy snack or meal that will satisfy just about anyone. You can make them any way you want — keep them vegetarian with cheese, peppers, and onions, or add a little steak or chicken to get some protein into the mix. But when it comes to getting this dish to its peak flavor and texture, it's all in how you cook it. And for the crunchiest quesadilla ever, make sure you toast both sides of the tortilla.

Sure, it sounds simple, but you'd be surprised at the difference it makes to the texture of the dish. There are plenty of ways to get that tortilla extra crispy. You can pan-toast it in oil, pop it in the air fryer, or even use the viral toaster hack for an easy, handheld snack. Plus, a crispy exterior produces a stronger quesadilla, making it even easier to dip each piece into those different sauces and sides, like fresh guacamole or pico de gallo.

Is there a right way to toast your quesadilla?

The method for toasting ultimately depends on personal preference. For the pan-toasted method, add a little olive or vegetable oil to a pan and let it heat up. Then, add the quesadilla to the pan and toast it until it reaches your desired crispness. Instead of removing it from the pan right there, flip it over and get the other side just as crispy.

If your air fryer basket is big enough, this is another great method because it doesn't require the extra oil you'd have to add to a pan. You can spray it with olive oil to ease the process, but the tortilla will get crispy in the air fryer without anything at all.

Finally, if you spend time scrolling through random videos like many of us, you've probably seen the toaster hack for the perfect handheld quesadilla. Essentially, it's just cheese and toppings folded into a typical quesadilla structure, but it's then folded in half to fit into a toaster. Pop it in for a few minutes, and then you have a perfectly cooked quesadilla with minimal effort — and it's nice and crispy.

Tips for making the best quesadilla

Now that you know the secrets to getting a perfectly crunchy quesadilla, it's also important to know how to make the best version of this dish. Cheese is paramount, so use a cheese that melts easily, such as monterey jack or cheddar. You'll need to make sure the cheese fully melts in tandem with the tortilla toasting up.

The toppings are up to you, but peppers and onions are common add-ons. If you go with these, grill them first; the quesadilla cooks quickly, so the peppers and onions won't soften well if you just add them to the tortilla still raw. Marinate your steak or chicken for added protein, then shred or thinly slice it before adding it to the tortilla. While you can marinate it how you want, some olive oil, lime juice, and sea salt make for an easy marinade using ingredients you likely already have in the house.