The Wine Pairing Tip Trader Joe's Shoppers Should Know

Whether you're shopping for fresh flowers, frozen dinners, or the endless array of seasonal goodies, there are plenty of reasons to shop at Trader Joe's. One of the grocery store chain's most popular offerings is the low-cost yet high-quality selection of wines. While large selections at liquor stores or high-end grocers can be intimidating, Trader Joe's puts new wine drinkers at ease with a straightforward selection. Most of the product tags also have detailed descriptions about what type of wine it is and what flavor profiles are present.

But finding the right wine is only half the battle. Figuring out what foods to pair with your wine selection can be a whole new challenge. If you are hosting a dinner party or a date night, you want to make sure the wine you selected doesn't clash with your dishes. Luckily, Trader Joe's has multiple published guides on its website that tell you which of their most popular wines pair well with their signature snacks and desserts. It will also give you tips on the best ways to prepare, store, and serve your wine so that you look like a sommelier at your next get-together.

Trader Joe's suggested drinks and dessert pairings

While customers still may not be able to shop online for groceries at Trader Joe's, the grocery store's website is still full of nuggets of wisdom that most of us have been missing out on. One of the virtual guides outlines how to pair Trader Joe's wines with the perfect dessert, which, conveniently, can be found just a few aisles over. If you are a fan of sipping on something light and bubbly, the guide recommends pairing the Schloss Biebrich Sekt sparkling wine with Trader Joe's lemon bars. The bitter bubbles in the fan-favorite wine are perfectly complemented by the tart lemon filling. Red wine drinkers are urged to try the Corvelia Cabernet Sauvignon combined with Trader Joe's Chocolate Brooklyn Babka. The wine has notes of berry and oak, which the babka's chocolatey dough is said to soak up nicely. For those who prefer a glass of white, the guide recommends pairing a buttery Big Churn Chardonnay with Trader Joe's signature mini cupcakes.

Whether you're shopping for a big soirée or a party of one, don't forget to check out the wine pairing guides on Trader Joe's website. To get the most out of your next TJ's shopping trip, we recommend checking out its guides before heading to the store so you know exactly which foods and wines you want to pair.