Food Storage And Organization Trends To Expect At TIHS 2024

The 2024 Inspired Home Show is almost upon us, and we couldn't be more excited. Beginning on March 17 and ending on March 19, Today Meal will be walking the aisles of one of North America's largest housewares trade shows to scope out the best of the best for new and cutting-edge products, including those for keeping your kitchen and pantry organized. While we can't wait to see what over 1,700 exhibitors will be showcasing this year, we've already been lucky enough to get some insider info on a few of the items TIHS has to offer — and in doing so, we've already got the pulse on two big trends in food storage and organization: visibility and versatility.

We've previewed see-through containers, specialty shelf items, and divided organizers that make taking stock of what's in your kitchen pantry easier than ever before. We've perused all of the pre-show information we could get our hands on about the best containers for everything from food prep to freezing leftovers. So now, without further ado, here are Today Meal's emblematic picks for what food storage and organization trends TIHS 2024 is bound to offer. 

Mastercook Sparta Containers

When it comes to kitchen storage, Mastercook Sparta Containers are a home cook's dream. Stackable and see-through at every conceivable angle (including a handly transparent air-tight lid), Mastercook Sparta's receptacles come in three sizes and are perfect for decanting anything from cereal to dried fruit to flour, and are sure to preserve your pantry fare with an air-tight lid. But that's not all: These containers are microwave- and dishwasher-safe, taking this year's visibility and versatility trends to an entirely new level.

YouCopia ShelfBin Organizers and RollOut Pantry Drawer

For pantry items that come individually wrapped, YouCopia's newest organizers offer three different storage options for keeping tabs on your non-perishables. For smaller pantry items, the ShelfBin Packet Organizer features four compartments perfect for storing slim parcels, while the ShelfBin Snack Organizer touts two adjustable dividers and seven compartments. The RollOut Pantry Drawer, which sports two movable dividers, is your go-to for organizing and storing larger items like canned goods. As its name suggests, it literally comes on wheels, and is specifically designed to help you easily grab whatever you need off your pantry's top shelf.

Spectrum Diversified/Tovolo HEXA Lazy Susans

Spectrum Diversified/Tovolo's HEXA Lazy Susans are made of clear plastic and rotate 360 degrees, which lets you see what you've stored in them with just a spin. Perfect for placing on your countertop, in your pantry, or even in your refrigerator, these adaptable turntables are available in two different versions. 

The HEXA Lazy Susan with Dividers comes with three clear removable bins (or one large divided bin) ideal for packaged goods. The HEXA 2-Tier Lazy Susan utilizes vertical space to the utmost degree, featuring double-spinning trays lined with an anti-slip surface, perfect for storing your spices or other small bottles like flavored extracts.

Easy Cliip by Mepal

Meal prep can save you tons of time, especially if you have containers that go directly from the refrigerator to the microwave or oven — and Mepal's Easy Clip collection was designed with that in mind. Each of these differently-sized, stackable containers comes with a leak-proof plastic lid designed to both clip into place and act as a bona fide, microwave-friendly steam vent. Sans lid, each Mepal dish in the collection can also be used for roasting and baking. Even better? If you're not using them to store leftovers, you can use them to store your dry goods and non-perishables. 

ProKeeper 4 Cup Silicone Soft Box Divided

If you're looking for a meal-prep gamechanger, the versatile ProKeeper 4 Cup Silicone SoftBox Divided might be just what you need. Made from see-through platinum silicone, these stackable and dishwasher-safe containers come topped with a leak-proof zipper seal lid, ideal for everything from taking your lunch on the go to freezing what's left of last night's casserole. Oh, and if you want to heat up that casserole? Totally doable — these containers are microwave-safe, too.