Guy Fieri's Favorite Country To Eat In Is Steeped In Nostalgia

On "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives," Guy Fieri explores some of the best eats across the States, often placing an emphasis on comfort food. Based on where he travels around Flavortown, viewers would be reasonable in thinking that quintessential American bites, like burgers and fries, were among Fieri's favorite foods. However, if the Triple D host had to pick his ideal country to eat in, it would be Italy. The TV personality is a third-generation Italian American, and something about eating Italian food speaks to his culinary soul.

Speaking with GQ, Fieri explained that it's not just the world-famous Italian food, like spaghetti alla carbonara or Florentine steak, that bring joy to his heart. Fieri still loves a dive no matter where he goes: "I can eat at a gas station on the Autostrada and it will be the best sandwich I've ever had," he said. However, Fieri can pinpoint a couple of his go-to Italian cities and dishes. "Out of all the cities, I think one of my favorites is Florence," he shared. "Cacio e pepe in Rome is amazing also."

Fieri's Italian roots run deep

Though some of Fieri's signature quirks — such as his trademark platinum hair and bold bowling shirts — were friends' ideas or mandates from his team members, his showbiz name was his own decision. It turns out the mayor of Flavortown wasn't named Guy Fieri at birth. Born Guy Ramsey Ferry in 1968, he married his wife Lori nearly three decades later and took the occasion as an opportunity to reclaim his Italian family name, Fieri. 

Fieri's grandfather had changed his surname when he immigrated to America, a common of practice for Italian immigrants in the late 1800s and early 1900s, who often Americanized their names in efforts to fit into their new culture. In celebration of his Italian roots, Guy Fieri passed down his grandfather's surname to his three sons, which is far from the only way he has honored his heritage over the years.

What we know about Fieri's upcoming Italian restaurant

Fieri samples other people's cooking on "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives," but the TV personality has accumulated his own portfolio of restaurants over the years. In early 2024, Fieri announced an upcoming addition to his family of eateries: an Italian restaurant in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio. In a press statement, Fieri shared that this will be one of his most personal ventures yet. "It's a true homecoming to bring my latest concept to the area," he said. "Being from an Italian family, classic Italian American fare has always been a part of my life." In that spirit, restaurant goers can expect to try chicken Parmesan and a 68-layer lasagna, among other traditional Italian American dishes, at the new space. 

Though Fieri celebrates the classics, having taken Triple D to Italy to show viewers the local gems, he's also been known to add his own spin to familiar favorites. Some of his concoctions include "weird spaghetti" and Guy-talian nachos. The former is Fieri's take on the Midwest's Cincinnati chili and features spaghetti noodles with chili sauce and cheese, and the latter is a combo of traditional Italian flavors with nachos. These creations just go to show that while Italy may be his favorite place to eat, the dishes that best represent Fieri can only be found in Flavortown.