What Kind Of Sourdough Bread Can You Snag At Aldi?

Sourdough bread is beloved for its chewy texture and tangy flavor profile. Because baking the bread on your own can be a bit labor-intensive, from making a sourdough starter to perfecting your kneading technique, many people scour grocery store shelves in search of quality store-bought versions. For many shoppers, the search for quality sourdough begins and ends at Aldi. The chain offers two versions of the bread under its Specially Selected brand. Customers can find square and round loaves for sale online and in-store.

For consumers concerned about artificial ingredients in food, Aldi's sourdough is a solid choice. Per the label, this bread consists of just three main ingredients, which are salt, water, and flour. It's also free of artificial flavoring, preservatives, and colors. Based on these characteristics, it's not exactly a surprise that this product comes from Aldi's Specially Selected label. The store brand was developed to offer shoppers higher-end foodstuffs that remain within the chain's affordable pricing scheme.

The brand behind Aldi's sourdough selection

Aldi launched its Specially Selected store brand in the U.S. back in 2013, although Aldi shoppers in Europe had been introduced to the products previously. The private label brand features premium and gourmet items in all sorts of grocery categories. Shoppers can find Specially Selected products like drinks, deli meats, dairy products, bakery goods, snacks, and even frozen foods when shopping at Aldi. And while these items are of a higher quality, their prices make them suitable for all sorts of shopping budgets. Online, both of Aldi's sourdough loaves are listed for around $4, though prices may vary by location.

Like the store's other private label brands, a lot of work goes into Aldi's gourmet brand. For instance, Specially Selected products are tested prior to being released. This testing is to determine whether Aldi-exclusive products are on par with the big-name brands, which is crucial to keeping shoppers satisfied with the discount chain's selection of goods. As for the Specially Selected sourdough, Aldi fans have mostly favorable opinions of the bread.

What do Aldi shoppers think of its sourdough bread?

Reddit is the place for fans of Aldi to express their unvarnished opinions about the store's product line. When it comes to the Specially Selected sourdough, shoppers appear pretty pleased with the product. One commenter stated, "Love this sourdough bread! It is dense and chewy." Another person heaps high praise on the bread, claiming, "Closest thing to San Francisco sourdough I've found since moving." For the uninitiated, sourdough and San Francisco are closely linked, and many people assert that bread from the city is among the best you can get.

Shoppers also have a few minor quibbles, as expressed in another Reddit thread regarding the Specially Selected product. According to the OP, "I really love this bread, especially the square loaf, but it's so thinly sliced." Another person co-signs this sentiment, stating, "I wish they had some unsliced loaves." One commenter also mentions that the bread could be a bit sharper in terms of tanginess. While these are valid criticisms, it appears that Aldi's sourdough deserves a place among the chain's beloved private label goods.