A Costco Shopper Is In Shambles After Finding A Tooth Crown In Their Spring Rolls

UPDATE 2/22/24: A spokesperson for Bibigo reached out to Today Meal and relayed that the company looked into the matter and found that the Reddit user deleted the post after "they figured out it was [their father's] own crown." The original poster later confirmed that in an update.

No one likes finding weird, inedible things in their food, but that's apparently what happened to one unfortunate Costco member, according to a post on Reddit. The poster alleged that their father made a disgusting discovery after purchasing Bibigo brand vegetarian spring rolls from the warehouse retail chain. Upon crunching into one of the spring rolls, the man found what appeared to be a dental crown and is now "totally grossed out," according to the original poster. He claimed that he was fairly certain the crown did not belong to him and was wondering what to do next in terms of reporting the issue.

Along with plenty of jokes highlighting that these spring rolls aren't exactly vegetarian ("Bibigo Vegetable Spring Rolls is PEOPLE!" exclaimed one commenter, referencing the 1973 cult sci-fi film "Soylent Green"), some people wondered whether the shopper wasn't mistaken. "I'd have him double check that it's not his," said one Redditor, adding, "I've worked in dentistry for about 12 years and you'd be surprised how many people lose crowns and don't realize it." Another person recommended that dear old dad go to a dentist, stating, "I think it is more likely his and he forgot about having one."

The FDA may want to know about inedible objects in food

In the event the dental crown does not belong to him, the OP who shared the tooth-related mishap on Reddit stated that their father was thinking about contacting the FDA to report the issue. While the FDA does allow for a portion of inedible substances in food (such as a small amount of rodent hair), it also encourages consumers to submit complaints regarding potential food safety issues. When it comes to teeth and dental crowns, they could potentially injure a person's own teeth or mouth while being chewed. As stated by the poster, their father had some "slight bruising inside his mouth" after the incident.

There's also a risk of infection, as teeth and dental crowns could harbor bacteria and germs. It should be noted that most bacteria and viruses have a limited lifespan when outside the body. However, this lifespan can range from a few hours to a few months, depending on the germ. While the chances are low that dental work will make someone sick, they're not exactly zero. Also, the notion that a stranger's dental crown was bouncing around in your mouth is nausea-inducing enough on its own. As stated by one Costco shopper regarding the suspect brand of spring rolls, "Great. Just bought those. I'll let you know if I find the rest of him."