The Frozen Wings Costco Shoppers Are Loving In The Air Fryer

Costco fever has swept food lovers and it isn't hard to see why. The bulk warehouse chain offers so many hot deals that the membership is usually worth it. In addition to any household item you can potentially think of, this one-stop shopping location also provides the tastiest of appetizers. No matter how you prefer them, chicken wings are a classic pizza night item and a Superbowl Sunday staple. But instead of waiting for questionable delivery times from chain restaurants, you can grab a bag of Foster Farms' Take Out Crispy Wings from Costco.

Containing 4 lbs of luscious meat, there is only one way to cook these wing sections up. Shoppers have almost universally named the air fryer as their appliance of choice. While there is nothing wrong with baking in the oven — or even the microwave in a pinch — consumers prefer the texture and consistency the air fryer brings to the mix. Shoppers proclaim that this convenient tool provides a crispy texture unmatched by any other baking mechanism.

Costco fans can't get enough

Costco's Foster Farms offers many options for flavorful and impressive selections of chicken wings. From original to buffalo, the warehouse has a wide selection for shoppers to try at home. One shopper noted on Reddit the appearance of Korean Barbecue, which inspired a flurry of opinions on the thread. Though popular, the flavor isn't the only aspect that has consumers buzzing. Many recommended one cooking appliance to bring the chicken delight to the next level.

"I have had this brand in 'original' wings and they're great in the air fryer, taste like wings you'd get from a restaurant," posted u/JacedFaced. The bags include sauces separately in packets, which makes the wings quite versatile. You can use the sauce provided or make your own to please everyone in the household. Many posters recommended varying recommendations that revolved around cooking the tasty morsels.

"In the air fryer I do 380 for about 20 minutes and then 425 for another 10," u/Visible_Ad_309 remarked. "They end up actually crispy and quite good." Reddit appeared to support this comment so implicitly that it was allegedly the poster's highest-rated. Air fryers have risen in popularity in recent years, mostly for convenience, but this seems to indicate that this confidence in the method is not misplaced.

The best way to air fry

Poultry and air fryers go hand in hand. Recipes such as perfectly tender turkey wings just make sense when paired with the device. Of course, you can essentially make anything in the air fryer these days, but chicken wings such as the ones from Costco are something special. Wings work especially well in the appliance because of their size. Unlike bigger cuts of chicken, sections of wings cook evenly while still retaining juiciness. The secret ingredient is olive oil or cooking spray. Coating the skin lightly with some sort of oil will crisp up the exterior for that delectable crunch that restaurant appetizers have.

This brand of Costco wings also works for the air frying technique because the sauce is included in packets. Consumers can therefore cook the plain wings fully and toss them in the sauce after the fact. This is useful because leaving the sauce on during the cooking process can ruin the texture. Sauces also tend to burn when left on heat for too long. Chef Chris Nirschel suggests cooking wings for 12 minutes at 380 degrees before flipping them. He told exclusively that after turning them over on the opposite side, kick up the heat to 400 degrees for eight more minutes for optimal results. Wings will be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside — the perfect combination.