The Chipotle Burrito Hack That Might Be Too Good To Be True

While Chipotle offers a wide selection of tasty Tex-Mex food, many people find its prices to be a little on the high side. That's why there was such a big response to a TikTok video claiming that it's possible to score a cheese and bean burrito from the chain for less than $2. However, it appears that this claim is not fully backed up by the experiences of real Chipotle customers.

On Reddit, a poster shared a story of regularly ordering this item but paying a little more than $2 (the customer stated that the menu item was usually between $2.50 and $3). At one point, the item jumped to $8.94 at the same location, but the customer was able to order it for $3.30 at a different Chipotle. So, what gives? A commenter who claimed to work at the restaurant stated that these types of orders are calculated as two sides when someone is dining in-store, which explains the much lower price tag associated with them.

This simple hack gets quite complex when ordering online

According to the video detailing the Chipotle burrito hack, customers must place an order for a cheese and pinto bean burrito when visiting the chain in person. Because each item is charged as a side dish, the resulting burrito is much less expensive than other menu options. For instance, a chicken burrito from the chain costs $8.10 while the steak version is $9.85 (keep in mind that prices vary from location to location). As for anyone who's ordering online or via the app, this hack doesn't appear to work.



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That's largely because side options on the Chipotle website do not include pinto beans or cheese. There is an option for a side of queso blanco, a dip that includes white cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese, as well as an assortment of peppers, which costs $2.40. Customers can also buy an extra tortilla for just $0.50, which brings the current total to $2.90, though that is already above the $1.94 claimed in the video. And this is without the addition of pinto beans, which show up elsewhere on the menu.

Digging deeper into the burrito hack

Within the burrito options on the website, pinto beans make an appearance, as do black beans. However, they're included as an add-on for the chain's existing burrito selection. Accordingly, there's no price associated with pinto beans and no indication that you can order a specialty burrito for a lower price without including the other fillings. Shredded cheese is also included as a topping, but like beans, you can't order the cheese alone to create a pared down burrito via a digital order.

It's totally possible that a kindly Chipotle staff member will honor your request for a cheese and pinto bean burrito when you visit the store in person. What's less likely is that you'll get the item for the price listed on TikTok, although the order will probably be less expensive. 

Per a Reddit thread, a poster claimed to order a bowl consisting of two scoops of rice and two scoops of beans for just $4 in-store. Like the bean and cheese burrito, this lower price stems from the fact that the customer was charged for sides and not an entrée. However, the outcome is not guaranteed and some locations may even charge you the full price depending on their policies.