What You Need To Know About Aldi's Fresh Fish Selection

Aldi keeps prices reasonable for customers by focusing on affordable private-label brands and charging for carts, among many other cost-cutting strategies. However, the chain doesn't let affordability get in the way of quality products, which is why it offers fresh meat and poultry, as well as fresh fish. In fact, the popular grocery store carries a diverse selection of fresh fish to meet the taste preferences of its dedicated customers.

While selections can vary from location to location, the Aldi website features quite a few tasty fish options. Shoppers can enjoy salmon encrusted with a Mediterranean herb blend or a special Monterrey spice rub to replicate haute cuisine right in the comfort of their kitchens. The chain also offers tilapia filets, with or without garlic herb seasoning. If you're a fan of steelhead trout, Aldi also has you covered. 

The chain is even happy to explain where their many fresh catches come from to ensure consumers can make responsible choices when shopping for fish. But what's most important to know is that Aldi never freezes its fresh fish selection and places a huge emphasis on sustainability. 

Where does Aldi source its fresh seafood?

Like many other products available at the chain, Aldi's fresh fish selection is exclusive to the establishment. This provides the chain greater control over the fish it features in stores, which is crucial when it comes to environmental stewardship and responsibility. Aldi procures seafood from "responsibly managed fisheries and farms" (as per their website) to prevent the ill effects of overfishing on aquatic life. When it comes to fish sourced from the wild, Aldi reports information about its partnerships with those fisheries to the Ocean Disclosure Project.

The store's commitment to seafood sustainability is most evident through its many certifications. Currently, Aldi features certifications from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, Better Aquaculture Practice, GlobalG.A.P., and many others. These certifications show that the chain takes sustainability seriously when it comes to the fish and seafood products it sells in its stores, which are always fresh (and never previously frozen). While Aldi is committed to providing fresh and flavorful fish to consumers, you should also know how to detect fresh catches when shopping.

Tips when shopping for fresh seafood

You can tell a lot about the freshness of fish and other seafood just by looking at the selections. Fresh fish will be moist and colorful, as this indicates the fish was recently caught. On the other hand, old fish will appear dry and dull, possibly even taking on a gray color depending on the type of fish you're shopping for. You can also tell a lot about freshness by how fish smells, as a strong fishy odor indicates that selections have been sitting around for some time. Fresh fish will have a mild, barely detectable odor similar to seawater.

When in doubt, check product labeling for more information on the fish you're buying. Product labels typically contain lots of helpful information, such as where the fish originated and whether it's wild-caught or raised in a fishery. Aldi takes a lot of pride in its fresh fish selection, so customers are likely to find lots of wholesome products for unbeatable prices. Fresh fish is just one of many reasons why the chain remains a favorite of budget-minded shoppers.