The 20 Best Egg Brands, Ranked

The process of purchasing the highest quality eggs from a grocery store may feel like wading through a sea of alphabet soup with words like natural, organic, cage-free, pasture-raised, and more. Then there are distinctions between egg grades, including AA, A, B, and Jumbo. And finally, differentiations between the color of eggs, white versus brown, are rampant. It is all overwhelming and does not guarantee you are getting quality eggs.

As a general rule of thumb, most of this health halo labeling is simply clever marketing designed to get you to pay a premium price for eggs without any legitimate assurance that these eggs are, in fact, healthier, more humanely produced, or safer. Only a handful of terms mean anything. Organic means your eggs come from free-range chickens and are fed organic feed void of antibiotics, hormones, arsenic, or poultry by-products. Pastured suggests the chickens had access to the outdoors rather than being confined to battery cages or a warehouse. USDA A or AA grades ensure your eggs are free of defects though they do not offer any safety protections.

To assess the quality of our top 20 egg brands, we referenced a third-party watchdog organization, cross-referenced consumer reviews, and, where applicable, cited our own experience cooking with these egg brands. Based on these criteria, we have listed these brands in order of least to most favorite, with specific reasons why each ranked where it did.

20. Walmart Marketside

Because Walmart is the largest retailer in the U.S., we wanted to include its organic eggs on our list. While these eggs are affordable, their quality has been brought into question. In 2018, Walmart was sued, alleging a lack of transparency in marketing regarding the insufficiency of access hens had to the outdoors, even though its growing practices were within what was considered legal according to USDA organic standards. There are also more negative reviews on Walmart's website than positive reviews, with a majority citing broken eggs, blood spots, dirty eggs, eggs that tasted off, and yolks that are small or pale in color. Consumers may perceive it as inferior nutritionally, but in actuality, the yolk reflects what the chickens ate, not necessarily its nutritional value. In contrast, many reviews cite their cost-effectiveness, which may make these a good option for those wanting certified organic eggs on a budget.

19. Costco Kirkland Signature

While Costco Kirkland Signature brand organic eggs elicited concerns regarding the caliber of its eggs due to a lack of transparency regarding where it sources its eggs from, Costco itself has a loyal following. Its Kirkland brand has a stellar reputation for having high quality at an affordable price, which has garnered it somewhat of a cult-like following. That said, there are reasons to think before you buy. These eggs come in packages of two dozen eggs, which, unless you have a large family or are a bodybuilder, could be an excessive quantity of eggs to go through in a timely fashion. Additionally, you need to have a membership to purchase these eggs. Beyond being USDA organic, these eggs are also Certified Humane, giving consumers extra peace of mind if animal welfare influences their purchasing decisions.

18. Publix GreenWise Organic

For consumers interested in sustainable food and factoring it into their food purchasing habits, Publix grocery chain introduced its GreenWise Organic line. Because this is a store brand, concerns regarding transparency also exist with these eggs. That said, descriptions of its requirements for this brand are thoroughly articulated. Not only are these eggs USDA organic, claims regarding raising animals without the use of hormones or antibiotics are appropriately followed with a disclaimer that federal regulations already prohibit the use of added hormones in poultry. It is also stated that hens are free to roam, nest, and perch in a covered barn with outdoor access, followed by a Publix guarantee. Including this type of specific language on its product page would be false advertising if it were untrue, which could potentially invite legal issues, so we feel confident in the purported excellence of these eggs.

17. Full Circle

Full Circle is a proprietary brand under the umbrella of Topco, a food company evolving out of Food Cooperatives, Inc., established in 1944. Originally intended to help bridge the gap between consumers and dairy and paper supplies due to shortages during World War II, this company has grown to include several proprietary brands serving all market needs. Full Circle is its premium brand, offering organic, plant-based, and gluten-free products. While concerns exist over where its eggs get sourced, the smart label information about these eggs states these are both USDA Organic and Quality Assurance International Certified Organic, which is a third-party organic certification service that works in conjunction with the USDA to ensure suppliers are complying with organic standards at all steps of the food production process. Per these standards, hens are noted to be free-roaming, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and not fed any animal by-products.

16. The Country Hen

The Country Hen brand can be found in Whole Foods and several other grocery chains. Though there are some concerns regarding the degree to which it adheres to organic animal husbandry practices, including large flock sizes and access to the outdoors that may or may not be utilized by hens, the company does have USDA organic certification, is OU Kosher Certified, and is Certified Humane. In addition to focusing on animal welfare, the company purportedly maintains strict safety standards, rigorous testing of its proprietary feed blend, practices energy conservation, uses renewable energy and recycles where possible. And finally, these eggs are bred to be high in omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, choline, and vitamin D. From their bright yellow yolks to the thick shells, these eggs appear to reflect the standards advertised by the corporate responsibility statements made on its website.

15. Eggland's Best

Because Eggland's Best is a franchise, there's skepticism regarding its commitment to and adherence to responsible animal husbandry practices. That said, this brand offers several different products with varying levels of certification, regulation, and assertions regarding both nutritional value and animal welfare, including classic, cage-free, organic, hard-cooked peeled eggs, liquid egg cartons, and pre-made omelets and egg bites. In this case, we recommend opting for its organic eggs versus any other options because they are certified by the USDA, thereby meeting at least the minimum standards for animal well-being and quality. These are packaged in recycled cartons, and the proprietary feed purportedly produces eggs higher in omega-3 fatty acids, lower in saturated fat, and higher in vitamins D, E, B2, B5, and B12. The company also asserts that it conducts routine laboratory and field testing to ensure the consistency of the quality of its eggs.

14. 365 by Whole Foods Market

365 by Whole Foods Market is another store brand that offers both regular and organic options, which may produce some concern regarding the transparency of its animal husbandry practices. That said, its organic eggs are among those considered to be reputably pasture-raised. And these eggs are wildly popular with consumers, garnering 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon out of 3,500 ratings. Many cite the freshness, flavor, and thick shells, which typically indicate good-quality eggs. Among the less favorable reviews, some noted the eggs being seemingly too small to qualify as large-sized. In our experience with pasture-raised eggs, they do tend to be smaller in size compared to conventionally farmed eggs. All things considered, these eggs are a good value for USDA-certified organic eggs.

13. Aldi Simply Nature

Those who shop at Aldi love it. It operates with a unique business model, which enables it to sell products at a discounted price, making its Simply Nature organic eggs a great value. Like other store brand eggs, there is concern over transparency regarding its production practices. That said, these eggs are both USDA organic and Certified Humane. One thing we find amusing about many egg brands is their focus on the color of the egg in packaging and advertising, which is as arbitrary as the color of someone's hair. Every breed of chicken produces different colored eggs, often corresponding to the color of the chicken's ear lobes. The nutritional value has nothing to do with the color of the egg, despite clever marketing insinuating this is the case. The bottom line: These organic brown eggs are a great price, garnering them a slot on our ranking.

12. Wegman's Pasture-Raised Organic

Wegman's is a popular grocery chain with over 100 stores across the East Coast. While it retails both conventional and organic eggs, it ranks slightly above other store brands because information regarding where it sources its eggs is available. Its organic eggs are produced by Kreher Family Farms, which incidentally also supplies eggs to Eggland's Best. All the eggs produced here are Animal Welfare Certified, and its organic eggs are American Humane Certified. The farm also commits to sustainable farming practices. Reviewers note that these eggs are expensive, but the quality is worth it. Several reviews also comment on the color of the yolk being slightly less vibrant than other eggs, though as we have noted, this isn't an indication of the nutritional value or flavor of the egg so much as reflective of the feed the chickens have been given.

11. Organic Valley

The Organic Valley brand sells exclusively organic eggs. It is a cooperative made up of 1,600 family farms across the nation, all focused on the mission of sustainability and high standards of animal care. According to its website, Organic Valley asserts that when it states that its chickens are cage-free or free-range, they mean it. Participating farms must provide sufficient indoor housing and at least five square feet of outside space per chicken to spread its wings. Reviews are overwhelmingly favorable for this brand on Amazon and the Organic Valley website, with many citing you get what you pay for, as these are expensive eggs. We have used these many times and find them to be high quality and particularly well-suited for baking dessert recipes that use eggs, like custards or soufflés.

10. Born Free Eggs

Born Free Eggs are available in grocery stores across the East Coast and some Midwest locations. It sources its eggs from smaller family farms that are USDA organic and Certified Humane. As its name suggests, this brand is about freedom for the chickens and the environment, reflected by its use of recyclable cartons. It also focuses on its chickens consuming only vegetarian feed, a common assertion from organic farms. The health benefits of an all-vegetarian diet for humans and chickens are somewhat dubious, as chickens are natural omnivores who crave protein, according to the Washington Post. Some also point out that it would be impossible to restrict a hen from pecking at insects while outdoors. Regardless of these assertions, the legitimacy of these eggs being pasture-raised isn't in question, making these a stellar option for those looking for a more humane egg source.

9. Happy Egg Co.

The Happy Egg brand sources eggs from just over 100 farms in Arkansas, Missouri, and Indiana, known for having a moderate climate year-round, allowing the hens to roam freely any time of the year. This brand specializes in four distinct types of eggs, heritage eggs sourced from breeds that produce colored eggs, certified organic eggs, free-range eggs, and a newer vitamin-plus egg that purports to have higher levels of vitamins and minerals. Each farm Happy Egg sources its eggs from provides eight acres of space for its hens and is independently audited for consistent humane animal husbandry standards. Reviews for these eggs repeatedly note their rich dark-colored yolks, which we love the flavor of. A couple of the reviews mention thin shells that crack easily. While eggshell thickness may be a product of poor nutrition, it can be determined by several factors, including the hen's age, genetics, and environmental factors.

8. Utopihen Farms

Utopihen Farms scores high marks for its pasture-raised organic eggs. The company is very honest about exactly how it sources its eggs and its requirements for each of the family farms it employs to produce its four types of eggs, pasture-raised organic, pasture-raised duck, pasture-raised conventional, and pasture-raised soy-free. Its eggs are Certified Humane and sustainably grown. Chickens are given access to the outdoors for six hours daily, and each hen has 110 square feet of open pasture to roam. The company also conducts annual inspections of each of its partner farms to ensure proper standards are maintained. The result is delicious, healthy eggs you can feel good about eating not just because they were humanely sourced but because they help to bolster a community of independent farms contracted by Utopihen.

7. Pete and Gerry's

Pete and Gerry's scored high marks for its transparency and continued commitment to organic and sustainable farming practices. The company is family-owned, maintaining a close relationship with the 120-plus farms that help produce its eggs across the U.S. This is the first egg-producing company to obtain Certified Humane status in 2003. The company also donates at least one percent of its annual sales to non-profit corporations involved in environmental issues. In 2013, it also became B Corporation Certified, which means it focuses on pay equity, diversity, and stewardship of the planet. While its eggs are somewhat pricey, we feel they are worth it. Not only are these high-quality eggs, we appreciate the corporate responsibility and commitment to people and the environment. We also love that you can find them in rural communities and bigger grocery chains like Walmart.

6. Oliver's Organic

Oliver's Organic Eggs brand is a small family-owned business in New York that operates with full transparency of its farming practices. Though it produces conventional and organic eggs, these are grown separately and under distinct brands. Organic eggs are USDA and NOFA, Northeast Organic Farming Association, certified, and the farm regularly receives independent audits conducted by Whole Foods to ensure quality and compliance. Birds are pastured with 70 square feet per hen of outdoor space provided and fed organic feed partly produced on the farm. Because this is a small operation, it doesn't offer a lot of eggs, making availability spotty. Though a website is listed, it is defunct. The farm only has a Facebook page where it regularly updates the availability and pricing of its eggs. Its eggs are also available on Amazon. Reviewers on Amazon note liking that these eggs are sold by the half dozen.

5. Vital Farms

Vital Farms eggs enjoy a stellar reputation from consumers, with 4.8 out of 5 stars out of over 8,500 reviews on Amazon and 4.7 out of 5 stars out of over 450 reviews on Google. It's known for being Certified Humane and works with 300 family farms committed to ethically and environmentally responsible farming practices. In fact, you can visit its website and trace the farm your batch of eggs came from. The Vital Farms motto is "Keeping it Bullsh*t-free," with its conscious capitalism focused on benefiting farmers, suppliers, consumers, communities, the environment, crew members, and stockholders. All that said, while they still enjoy immense popularity, the company is currently in litigation with a class-action lawsuit questioning the validity of its marketing practices regarding its humane treatment of animals. Because this lawsuit has not yet been settled, we are including them on this list based on their reputation up to this point.

4. Sauder's Eggs

Sauder's Eggs is another high-ranking brand with transparency in its farming and animal husbandry practices. Its pastured eggs are Certified Humane, and its organic eggs are USDA certified. In addition, it sells traditional white or brown, free-range or cage-free, and hard-boiled eggs. What we love is that each egg comes with a farm code printed on both the egg and the recyclable carton, which can be entered into the Farm Code Lookup on its website, taking the consumer directly to the farm where that egg came from among the over 100 farms Sauder's works with. There is also a store locator where you can search for the availability of these eggs near you. Reviews for these eggs are high, though some balk at the price. Most note the freshness and quality, particularly for baking. We appreciate the sustainability and commitment to empowering consumers with the tools to see where their eggs come from.

3. Carol's

Carol's eggs are a standout, thanks to this brand's commitment to pastured eggs. Certified Humane, USDA organic, and a certified B corporation, its flock of hens are primarily located in Virginia, where they have access to the great outdoors for a lot of the year. This company gets high scores for transparency as well as for its commitment to sustainable farming practices. And in case there is any confusion, if you search for Carol's eggs, you will be directed to Pete and Gerry's Organic Eggs, as Carol's is an offshoot of this brand. Reviewers love these eggs, noting they are almost as fresh as if you were to get them from chickens in your backyard. Unfortunately, because of limited supply, these eggs are not readily available year-round and can be hard to find. But if you can get your hands on them, they are worth it.

2. Alexandre Family Farm

Among the highest-rated eggs, Alexandre Kids Eggs from Alexandre Family Farm are superior. Located in Northern California, this thriving egg business began as a Future Farmers of America project for the Alexandre children. These are the ultimate in pastured eggs, with mobile chicken coops being rotated across the farm every Tuesday and Friday, 52 weeks a year. This enables the chickens to graze on 50 to 100 different species of vegetation. These eggs are Certified Humane, USDA organic, and come in numerous colors, adding to the fun. This farm has a loyal following, with solid reviews for its eggs and dairy products. We also loved that we could enter our zip code into the Find Products search of the website and were able to locate its products in three stores near us. And for those in the San Francisco area, the Alexandre family frequents many local farmer's markets.

1. Happy Hens Truly Outdoors

Ranked the #1 egg in the nation, Happy Hens Truly Outdoors is true to its moniker. These pasture-raised, USDA Organic, Certified Humane eggs are the cream of the crop. They are 100% pasture raised on feed free of corn and soy. The family-owned farm in Southern California specializes in small flocks raised in mobile barns that are continuously rotated, allowing the chickens to feed off native local vegetation to supplement their nutrition. For those wanting to see the farm themselves, the Nevarez family offers farm tours in the spirit of full transparency. The only bummer is that you can only find these eggs in Southern California via select grocery stores, a handful of restaurants, and directly from the farm.