Shake Shack Is Touching Down In Canada, Its 'Most Requested Location Ever'

When Shake Shack got its start as a New York City hot dog stand in 2001, its popularity quickly grew around the city, with people often lining up to order for lunchtime. By 2015, Shake Shack had become a fast-food chain, serving up salty crinkle-cut fries, milkshakes, burgers, and custard across the United States, as well as in some international locations.

Today, there are over 400 Shake Shack restaurants worldwide, according to its website. Of those, nearly 300 are in North America alone. Unfortunately for Canadian fans of fast-food restaurants, all of those locations are in either the United States or Mexico. That hasn't stopped the requests from pouring in from fans who crave the chain's burgers, though.

It seems that Shake Shack has listened to its' fans' requests, and will be opening a Canadian location sometime next year. In a tweet, the company called it "The most requested location...ever?" and added that it "Can't wait to meet all our friends in Canada!"

Canadian fans can soon order Shake Shack

As part of a March 22 tweet, Shake Shack shared a video featuring screenshots of Facebook comments, tweets, and Instagram comments, all requesting a Canadian Shake Shack location. "Not having a Shake Shack in Canada feels wrong," read one tweet. An Instagram comment asked, "Any plans to open Shake Shack in Canada?" Another tweet, which tagged the Shake Shack account, said "I am on my hands and knees begging you to open a store in Ontario, Canada."

The video ends with an image of a maple leaf — the symbol on the Canadian flag — and the text "Coming 2024." The zero in the year was replaced with the burger from the Shake Shack logo. The video was also posted to the Shake Shack Instagram, where fans celebrated in the comments. "Dreams really do come true," wrote one user. 

The first Canadian Shake Shack location will likely be in Toronto, reports CBC, but the chain aims to have 35 locations open across the country by 2035.