Guy Fieri Tells Us About His Ideal Burger Blend For Sliders - Exclusive

It's slider season. Well, technically, it's Super Bowl season, but to us, that's the same difference. According to the World Food Program, Americans drink over 300 million gallons of beer and approximately 28 million pounds of chips on the big day. And what better food to complement beer and chips than a juicy slider? Super Bowl Sunday's game-time appetizers are arguably the best part of football gatherings (and the much-anticipated halftime shows), so it only makes sense that we asked one of Food Network's most prominent faces for food tips. 

In an exclusive interview with the Today Meal, Guy Fieri revealed his ideal burger blend and cut of meat for top-tier sliders. The "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" host is known to love the appetizer, as he has 14 recipes for burgers and sliders alone on Food Network's website. It's safe to say we trust Fieri's opinion when the fate of our football food spread is involved. 

80-20 is the best meat ratio

According to Guy Fieri himself, 80-20 is the best lean-to-fat ratio when it comes to tasty sliders. "It's an 80-20. I get sad when people go 90-10, because what they end up doing is making a dry burger that they then fortify with a bunch of mayonnaise or some other type of fat," the television personality told the Today Meal. In terms of his go-to cut of meat, Fieri opts for a chuck short rib for "some good-quality fat."

"Hands down, I would have to start with the chuck brisket short rib mix; that would be my favorite," Fieri said. American Foods Group explains that a chuck short rib is the shoulder area of a cow and is great to use for tender and grilled meat. Perfect for game-day sliders

Fieri also created a Nacho Average Torta Slider recipe with King's Hawaiian. To put it simply, this appetizer is a culmination of mini nacho sandwiches, so you're pretty much guaranteed to score a touchdown with your guests if you serve it.

Learn more about King's Hawaiian's offerings on its website. Keep up with Guy Fieri's latest projects on his Instagram page.