Five Guys Showed TikTok The 'Perfect' Way To Open Their Bags

While fast food is an American staple, it wasn't always this way. According to Smithsonian Magazine, White Castle kicked off the nation's fast-food obsession in 1921. Customers loved the uniformity of the restaurant's menu items, which were churned out using brand-new assembly line systems. Additionally, fast food has the ability to appeal to all demographics equally, which makes it a highly egalitarian cuisine that all people can enjoy, regardless of their background or economic status.

Americans' love of fast food and casual-dining establishments remains strong today, even as people become more conscious of their diets and where their food comes from. Per Ibis World, there are currently 199,755 fast-food establishments operating in 2023, which is an increase of 0.7% over the previous year. When it comes to the popularity of different chains, the American Customer Satisfaction Index ranked Chick-fil-A highest in 2022, with Jimmy John's in second place. Burger joint Five Guys appears in tenth place, with a satisfaction rating of 76 (as compared to Chick-fil-A's rating of 83). 

However, Five Guys has many devoted fans who believe the chain is top-rate, no matter what the polls say.

Simple, tasty, and right to the point

Per the company website, Five Guys got its start in Arlington, Virginia in 1986. It was truly a family affair, with parents Jerry and Janie Murrell encouraging their four sons to "start a business or go to college." Much of the chain's appeal lies in its insistence on using fresh ingredients, from the beef they use to make their patties to the accompaniments that go on top of them. The establishment is also well known for using peanut oil when making its beloved French fries.

While other fast-food chains might be bigger in terms of fame, there are lots of good reasons to love Five Guys, according to ABC7. Fans of the establishment love the simple, unfettered menu featuring hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and bacon variations on each. As for toppings, you have your pick of jalapenos, grilled onions, relish, and hot sauce, along with standards like lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. The large portions of French fries, which are sent through the fryer not once, but twice, are another big reason why diners can't get enough of the chain. Along with providing these delicious menu items, Five Guys also offers tips on how to enjoy their food with aplomb.

A Five Guys bag 'hack' for the ages

When it comes to food and restaurant trends, TikTok always seems to have the latest news and information. As explained by CNBC, the social media site is responsible for launching many viral food trends. In 2022 alone, TikTok introduced followers to nacho tables, mug cakes, butter boards, cloud bread, and so much more. Additionally, #foodtiktok racked up a whopping 106.6 billion views that year, which shows just how hungry viewers are to discover the next big thing.

Five Guys decided to get in on the fun via their own TikTok page. A video shows the "perfect" way to open the brown paper bags the establishment uses to serve its fast-food meals. According to the video, you first flip the bag on its side. Next, you gently rip the top side open to reveal the goodies within. Continue ripping the back of the bag for easy access to your tasty burgers and fries, which tend to spill out of the cup due to the generous portions. If this hack seems a bit too easy, that's the point. Much like the menu items, the Five Guys' bag hack is genius in its simplicity.