Discontinued Costco Products That Made A Big Comeback

There's a reason why roughly 112 million people have Costco memberships (via Statista). Even though the warehouse chain sells everything from home goods to hotel rentals, it's no doubt the food that keeps members coming back for more. Under one roof, customers can bulk buy their groceries, procure a tasty bite from the food court, and find free samples at virtually every turn, making it arguably one of the best places on the planet to shop away. 

Costco fans are a dedicated bunch, and their patronage has been rewarded in the form of gigantic cookie trays and soda packs at low, low prices. But for all the edible surprises, there's also those items the wholesaler stopped selling completely, for no rhyme or reason. The Polish Dog, Combo Pizza, and Half Sheet Cakes are some notable casualties that have left a burning hunger in shoppers, without any replacement or promise to bring them back on the horizon, but they most certainly aren't the last. 

Worlds have been rocked in Costco's quest to streamline its inventory, showing that no product is truly sacred. But what about the items we previously thought were retired, only to have them emerge months, or even years, later? Costco also proves that anything is possible, because these discontinued products not only managed to make a big comeback — they inspired outpourings of fanfare. Read on to see why. 

Almond Poppyseed Muffins

Muffins are a huge hit at Costco. Although blueberry, double-chocolate, and poppyseed make up the core flavor lineup, shoppers were once able to enjoy another delicious variety, and that was Almond Poppyseed Muffins. Costco sold these jumbo breakfast treats in 6-packs for years, until the retailer mysteriously pulled them from the shelves indefinitely, leaving an empty space in the bakery aisle as well as fans' stomachs. It's not confirmed when, or why, Costco pulled the baked good from its stores for so long. Compared to regular poppyseed muffins, almond poppyseed offers a nutty, yet sweet undertone to the morning staple you don't always see. If anything, it's a unique addition to Costco's baked goods. 

Then, in April 2021, Instagram account @costcohotfinds spotted the elusive pastry in stores, showing that the fan-favorite had indeed returned. The post snagged over 8,800 likes and a torrent of praise from commenters happy to see that a much-missed item had finally come back. "One of my all-time favorites," said one follower. "Literally drooled" raved another. Since then, Costco shoppers on the West Coast have also confirmed that they are once again seeing Almond Poppyseed Muffins at their local stores (per Reddit). Let's hope this comeback goes nationwide, and that this enthusiasm leads Almond Poppyseed landing a permanent spot in Costco's bakery.

Kirkland Signature Organic Creamy Peanut Butter

The ultimate food unicorn, in our opinion, is affordable, organic peanut butter. And for under $9 a pop, Kirkland Signature Organic Creamy Peanut Butter comes in packs of two massive 28-ounce jars (via CostContessa). Add in the fact that it's made with Valencia peanuts — the plant of choice for all-natural spreads, according to the National Peanut Board – and it isn't surprising that health-conscious shoppers with a Costco membership would go nuts stocking up. 

Yet in early 2021, Costco stopped selling the Kirkland Signature variety and replaced it with a brand called Naturally More. While at least some people seemed to prefer it over the original (via Reddit), the substitute didn't quell most members' rage. But it turns out the pantry staple's retirement wasn't completely up to Costco. As Farm Progress explains, New Mexico and Texas had been entrenched in droughts for quite a while, and the perilous conditions continue to impact farms' abilities to grow many crops. One of the affected plants was none other than Valencia peanuts, a southern delicacy

Thankfully for Costco shoppers, their peanut problems were quickly solved. By November 2021, the Kirkland Signature brand was spotted once again in stores — @costcoorganic posted stacks of the nut butter on sale at a location in Glen Burnie, Maryland (via Instagram). Besides the apparent price hike, commenters overwhelmingly shared in the good news and swapped tips on the spread's whereabouts, helpfully pointing others in the direction of their closest jar. 

Pull-Apart Cinnamon Rolls

In October 2020, a Reddit user dropped some heavy news on r/Costco: Pull-Apart Cinnamon Rolls were done. No, not done baking in the oven to golden brown perfection, but discontinued for good. To one commenter who scored some just before the pandemic, the realization that such a heavenly product vanished was "a terrible emotional roller coaster." Tear-and-share breakfasts like cinnamon rolls never fail to delight, but Costco's economical portions — an entire dozen for around $7 on average – totally knocked it out of the park. 

Enough brunches devoid of these gooey pastries went by, until February 2021 when Instagram account @costcobuys shared news of the Pull-Apart Cinnamon Roll's grand return in Costco stores. The post has racked up over 5,600 likes since then, with thrilled followers reveling in the joy of having an old favorite. Additionally, fans also praised the sweet treat's unbeatable price point, which one user affirmed by saying that Costco's buns were "a whole lot cheaper than Cinnabon." If you find that hard to believe, the numbers don't lie: According to Fast Food Menu Prices, a single Cinnabon Classic Roll costs around $3.76, while 12 of Costco's pastries (and gigantic ones at that) cost just a few dollars extra. 

It was a mistake for Costco to eliminate this classic in the first place, but to not bulk buy these confections while you have the chance? Well, that would be the biggest mistake of all. 


One of the biggest food-related tragedies during the pandemic? The closure of Costco's food court. In-person dining was suspended in 2020, and with that a majority of the food court menu, save for hot dogs and pizza (via Insider). Slowly but surely the food court did reopen its doors, but not every menu item would make the final cut. The most glaring absence of all, without a doubt, was the beloved churro.  Outrage ensued, including a Change.org petition demanding that the confection be reinstated in stores immediately. But the damage was done. Customers were upset, and we all know how fiercely loyal members are to their favorite snacks. 

Then in 2021, a flyer advertising the return of churros started popping up around stores (via Instagram). You would think fans would be thrilled to see the churro in all of its cinnamon-sugary glory, right? Well, to an extent. Many followers who've tried the new version are upset by the fact that these churros are not the same as the original (via Facebook). The pastry touts a larger size, which could be a good thing except they now cost more at $1.49. Plus, many claim they simply don't taste as good. "I loved the old recipe much better," a disappointed fan remarked on Instagram. Feeling anything but happiness towards the churro is a plot-twist none of us could see coming. 

Snickerdoodle Mini Cakes

Should you crave a freshly-baked Snickerdoodle cookie, Costco's Snickerdoodle Mini Cakes do the job and then some. Six spiced cakes, topped with a luscious swirl of cinnamon cream cheese frosting, weighing 44-ounces altogether (via Frugal Hotspot). That's over 7-ounces apiece! Regardless, shoppers welcomed the hefty desserts when they arrived in the bakery aisle throughout October of 2021 (via Reddit), before they swiftly disappeared from store shelves all over. 

No surprise, fans were disappointed at the loss. "I've been looking for these for a while but my club doesn't seem to have them," one Reddit user mourned. You've probably realized that Costco doesn't give much notice when items go out of circulation. So many factors could explain why Snickerdoodle Mini Cakes went away without so much as a parting bite, which is why we wouldn't want to be too hard on the wholesaler's lack of communication. Plus, Costco members seem to have eagle eyes when it comes to scouting out previously discontinued goods, and @costcohotfinds jumped on the dessert's revival in May 2022 with an exclusive sighting of the 6-pack treat on full display (per Instagram). 

Some commenters weren't particularly thrilled with Snickerdoodle Mini Cakes overall, finding the taste to be much too saccharine ("I'm good on my insulin levels," one person quipped). But others couldn't contain their excitement for the sugar-filled delights, calling them "yummy" and "the best." For any fan of spiced cinnamon bliss, Snickerdoodle Mini Cakes were a comeback to remember. 

Lemon Cheesecake

For Costco shoppers in the United Kingdom, your American friends are probably green with envy at the exclusive products at your fingertips. Take the Lemon Cheesecake, another Kirkland Signature item sadly off-limits to members in the United States (per The Costco Connoisseur). Members across the pond could buy this luscious, custard-like showstopper from the wholesaler when it was available, but after a while it mysteriously vanished. Not the news lemon-lovers like to hear!

It's unclear when exactly Costco put the Lemon Cheesecake out to pasture, but a good old-fashioned web search turns up information on the fact that it happened in the first place. In June 2021, a member of the Costco subreddit shared a photo of the elusive cheesecake after what was presumably a long hiatus in the bakery aisle. As the post-header read: "one of the best cheesecakes you'll have finally made a comeback after being discontinued." This news was piggy-backed by another commenter, who discovered through nearby locations that the cake had been retired from stores, with no plans of stocking it again. Alongside comments urging Costco to bring back other long-lost cake flavors (such as Salted Caramel), followers were definitely pleased that the Lemon Cheesecake had been revived from the dessert graveyard. 

Kirkland Signature Honey Mustard Snack Mix

Costco's snack game delivers for a variety of reasons. Among them, the huge portions and unexpectedly tasty combinations. Kirkland Signature Honey Mustard Snack Mix ticks both boxes. A Facebook post shows that the inventive blend was launched back in May 2019 where, for a brief few months, customers could indulge in crunchy tidbits — sesame sticks, chickpeas, pretzel sticks, and various almonds — coated in an irresistible honey mustard seasoning. That is, until Costco scrapped the product for the unforeseeable future.

Truth be told, Costco never promised that Kirkland Signature Honey Mustard Snack Mix would stay permanent. As a matter of fact, the company warned that the savory-sweet concoction would only be available "while supplies last," which confirms what fans on Reddit have reported before: The snack blend usually comes through around the spring and summer months before retiring at the end of the season, no doubt to make room for fall arrivals. One user allegedly spotted the dreaded "death star" on this beloved snack as early as August. 

Nevertheless, the excitement Costco-lovers have expressed when the snack returns has been overwhelming. "So glad it's back!" one commenter exclaimed in regards to stumbling upon it in their location (per Reddit), which garnered a reply of relief: "Oh that is surprisingly good." While availability is never guaranteed, knowing that snacks like this can make a comeback means the wait is always worth it.

All-American Chocolate Cake

Who could ever forget Costco's All-American Chocolate Cake? Anyone who attended a birthday celebration, graduation, or anniversary bash over the last decade has likely copped a slice of this fudgy, decadent dessert, big enough to feed an entire army (or more likely, your ravenous party guests). But the pandemic, rearing its ugly head once again, forced this iconic baked behemoth off the shelves for good in 2020, denying us the pleasure this baked good had to offer us all. 

Considering the impact COVID-19 had on our daily lives, the market for party-sized layer cakes no doubt dwindled during the time of masking and social distancing. Costco, like other retailers, also didn't want to encourage people to host meetups. Still, loyal shoppers poured in on social media to decry the company's decision to discontinue such a popular product. As of 2022, over 8,000 chocolate-loving customers have signed a Change.org petition urging the wholesaler to bring it back permanently. 

Although Costco has yet to answer the hoards of requests for the rich delicacy, the retailer did compromise one year later with a smaller, ethical alternative. Mini All-American Chocolate Cakes resemble the original sweet treat in just about every way, minus its size. Regardless, the similarities are apparently insufficient to consumers craving the All-American Chocolate Cake in all of its former spectacle. "Okay, these are good, but just not the same," one Facebook follower said. 

Kirkland Signature Cocoa Dusted Almonds

Perusing the snack aisle at Costco is a treasure trove of possibilities. There's standard pick-me-ups like chips and pretzels, but then you luck out on something unexpectedly scrumptious, such as Kirkland Signature Cocoa Dusted Almonds. These nuts are loaded with nutritional benefits like protein and fiber, but the coating of cocoa powder offers a much-needed kick to the typical snacking experience. 

Somehow, these chocolatey nuggets faded from warehouse shelves without much of a warning, with this Facebook post from 2019 suggesting that the snack had been out of commission for quite some time: "Why why why have you discontinued the Kirkland cocoa dusted almonds??? It was my dream snack." Chocolate and almonds are a pairing that never goes out of style (chocolate-covered almonds, anyone?), yet this combination got left in the dust while other snack foods flourished at Costco. 

Thankfully, this snack has seemed to come back from retirement — an Instagram post from @costcobuys in December 2020 documented the elusive snack for their thousands of followers of see, and besides a few negative opinions, the majority of comments were simply heart-eyed smiley emojis — the ultimate expression of joy. One commenter even gleefully wrote "Merry Christmas," taking this snack return as a sign that holiday miracles really do exist. 

The onion crank

One of the best parts about Costco's hot dog is getting to dress it up at the condiments station. The pandemic forced Costco to close down its food court temporarily, but upon reopening, all of the toppings — ketchup, mustard, relish — were accounted for (via Today). Except for the onions — and most notably, their dispenser. Infamously called the Onion Crank, the stainless-steel grinder spits out chopped pieces of the garnish, in a manner engineered to disperse it equally across a classic beef frank. But when the contraption was pulled from the food court, suddenly that option was no longer available, leaving lunches lacking and a whole lot of shoppers angry (per TikTok). 

The machine's absence has been credited to COVID-19, but fans were speaking up about the missing onion crank far before the threat of an unknown virus. A Reddit post from 2017 shows that the retailer has removed the gadget before as a result of customer behavior, with shoppers allegedly taking advantage of the complimentary ingredient. 

Conduct issues aside, it would appear that most Costco shoppers have been able to go back to enjoying their food court fare the way they've always loved to. In 2021, Hunker reported that the onion crank was back on the table following its pandemic-related pause, giving diners free rein to garnish their dogs (or pizza slices, in the case of one Twitter user) with flavorful abandon. 

Lavazza Espresso Italiano Whole Bean Coffee

If anything can justify Costco's membership fee, it's bulk-buying your favorite coffee. Members especially approve of Lavazza's Espresso Italiano blend, including its hefty 2.2-pound sack and steep discount (under $20, per Costco's website). The fact that it's whole bean only adds to the perks, since unlike ground coffee it's capable of staying fresh for a longer period of time, thereby creating a better brew in the morning. Just another reason to stockpile your cupboard with it.

Anyone who considers themselves a caffeine fiend would be buzzing off of such a frugal roast, no? That so, the retailer has discontinued the Italian roaster before, much to our dismay. An Instagram account confirmed the situation in April 2021, showing that a "death star"– the asterisk signaling a product's suspension — had appeared on the coffee's tag, basically marking that it was on its way out of stores. The quality-to-value ratio made it a particularly hurtful loss to fellow shoppers. One commenter lamented, "we JUST switched to this and love it for the price. Bummer!" 

There's no need to mourn, however, as Lavazza didn't stay away from Costco for long. A look on the wholesaler's website shows the brew is back in stock, and still at a great price point fans can't get enough of. For now, grab a few bags of the stuff and sip away.