José Andrés' New Travel Show Explores Storied Spanish Food Destinations

In 2014 José Andrés told Today Meal that if he had to give young chefs advice, he would explain how culinary creativity only flourishes when one learns the cultural traditions of their own heritage. The world-renowned chef has undoubtedly lived by his own advice. According to The Wall Street Journal, Andrés' monumental efforts at bringing Spain's dynamic flavors and recipes to the United States have been a turning point of sorts in spreading the originality of Spanish cuisine throughout America.

According to Biography, Andrés' heritage links back to Mieres, Spain but his culinary expertise didn't take off until he crossed the U.S. border with just $50 dollars to his name in the early 1990s. While the chef added humanitarian to his impressive resume in 2010 by opening World Central Kitchen in an effort to provide provisions to countries in need, he continues to strive for diversity in showcasing the power of Spanish food across the nation. The Bazaar claims the diversified chef and his restaurant group currently operate 31 restaurants around the globe varying in different types of cuisine. Beyond the vast number of eateries, Andrés began a successful food show in 2008 titled "Made in Spain" through the PBS network and amassed a large following in Spain for his show "Vamos a Cocinar." In America though, the popular humanitarian and chef just spread additional excitement since he just announced his new show which debuts on December 27.

José Andrés expounds on the diversity of Spanish cuisine through his new television series

José Andrés believes in spreading societal awareness through food culture and there's no doubt he's committed. PBS states in Andrés' popular show "Made in Spain," the chef travels back to his home country to show you the heritage behind each authentic dish he makes on screen in his Washington D.C. kitchen. In his new show debuting December 27 on Discovery+, Andrés is taking a new approach to spreading cultural awareness, traveling with his three daughters to Spain on a documentary series titled "José Andrés and Family in Spain."

According to Yahoo!, the family will be traveling to cities such as Andalusia, Barcelona, and Madrid to experience the best food in Spain. Food aside, viewers will be able to experience part of Spanish culture by watching everyday life unfold in another country.  The show will feature notable chefs and guests who will provide additional information on the dishes featured. Yet, this isn't Andrés' first foray into on-screen documentary material. In May 2022, the chef was featured in a documentary about World Central Kitchen through National Geographic. As for Andrés' new show, the chef claims "There is no better way to learn about Spanish culture than with a fork and spoon in hand."