The Best Kitchen Gadgets You Can Buy

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While strong voices like those at Slate were quick to defend Alton Brown's famous rejection of single-function kitchen gadgets in 2015, the shopping public's love for them has not decreased since, with Statista reporting that Americans spent $17.6 billion on kitchen gadgets in 2021 alone. Whether you're looking to enhance your own kitchen experience or gift some gadgets to a home chef you love, it's important to sift through the sea of available gadgets to separate the junk from the gems, so we've set out to find the very best kitchen gadgets you can buy.

Unless you're living in the lap of culinary luxury, you likely want to save space wherever possible in your kitchen, so it's helpful to look for gadgets that either take up minimal space or tackle more than one task whenever possible. Ideally, try to accomplish both. Beyond this, easy storage and cleanup are essential qualities for a good gadget — after all, the point is to make your cooking life easier, not more laborious. Finally, keep an eye out for gadgets that aren't just practical, but spark a little joy; there are plenty of opportunities to add some personalization to your kitchen. You're able to choose your favorite color and find models that range from whimsical to sophisticated, depending on what matches your style best. And if you're gifting, this is a great opportunity to show that you put some extra thought into your selection, so make it your own wherever possible.

How we selected the best kitchen gadgets

Looking for the key qualities above, our first step was to cull the hundreds of available kitchen gadgets to find those that truly accomplished a necessary task, in our opinion, and also met the qualifications we just outlined. From there, we took our resulting pool of qualifiers and turned to other culinary experts to see what they thought of our remaining kitchen gadgets, taking into account both their personal reviewing experience and general opinions. Finally, we dove into the very many reviews from customers who actually purchased and used the gadgets we were still considering, seeking the pros and cons of each, especially curious to find those that customers still enjoyed after the novelty of a new item wore off. 

What we were left with was the following list of the best kitchen gadgets you can buy, separated into categories most often searched on Google, with a few bonuses, so you're sure to find whatever you're looking for. All prices quoted in the article were accurate at the time of publishing.

Best overall kitchen gadget

When you're looking for one amazing gadget to replace as many others as possible and take your culinary prep game to another level, the only choice around is the newly released Prepdeck Gen 2. This sleek set includes eight neatly stacked kitchen tools that include a zester, a juicer, a grater, a slicer, a peeler, a green-stripper, a bottle opener, and a garlic crusher (new since the original Prepdeck) to handle most of your meal prep without taking up the valuable drawer space individual gadgets would require. The Prepdeck Gen 2 also comes with 14 storage containers to hold your ingredients for cooking or for longer-term storage with super-seal lids. It comes with removable trash compartments, a cover that doubles as a cutting board, and a bonus tablet stand so you can follow along with your favorite TikTokers or YouTube personalities.

Champagne and Coffee Stains praises its appearance on kitchen counters (something that can't be said for many gadgets or appliances) and appreciates that the parts are dishwasher safe, while GeekDad confirms the stackable kitchen slicers and other tools really are good enough to replace standalone gadgets. Verified purchaser V. Payne says it's intuitive enough to use straight out of the box without reading instructions or watching tutorials, and verified purchaser Debra Kimble also loves using it for bar prep to look like a pro mixologist when entertaining

Purchase the Prepdeck Gen 2 on Amazon for $129.

Best kitchen gadget for chopping vegetables

Sure, that last one may be a whiz at chopping and storing a ton of vegetables as you prepare for a meal, but not everyone needs or wants an entire countertop system for large-scale meal prep on a regular basis. When you're in the market for a durable vegetable chopper that gets the job done without extra bells and whistles and doesn't cost a pretty penny, turn to the OXO Good Grips Chopper. This no-frills chopper easily dices and minces your veggies with rotating blades that eliminate the need for any knives and comes with a snap-on lid for simple storage and volume markings for foolproof recipe prep.

Verified Best Buy purchaser ChopChop345 admits that you can't chop a ton of food in one shot, but still finds this handy gadget superior to a food processor or blender. It doesn't take any more effort to remove ingredients and chop some more, so we'd agree the small size is more of a storage pro than a volume con. Amazon verified purchaser D.Mil especially loves that the OXO Good Grips Chopper is not only dishwasher safe, but is easier to reassemble than comparable alternatives on the market, making it an all-around win.

Purchase the OXO Good Grips Chopper on Amazon for $22.95.

Best kitchen gadget for arthritic hands

No matter how much you may love the satisfying performance of well-designed kitchen gadgets, or gadgets of any kind (hello, crafting tools, tech toys, and workshop gadgets), they're hand-held by nature, and that makes many of them cumbersome or even painful to use for those suffering from arthritis. But fear not: Some kitchen gadgets are actually designed with arthritis in mind, and some even specifically help with tasks that are otherwise difficult for arthritic hands. That's the case with our top choice for this category, the OXO Good Grips Jar Opener with Base Pad.

It's not surprising that gadgets from OXO's Good Grips line would have superior grip, but what we love most about this gadget is that it's not just easy for arthritic hands to handle, but it solves the problem of gripping and twisting difficult jars in general — a key concern for anyone with arthritis trying to navigate the kitchen. Wal-Mart customer Hayleyc925 loves the rubber base that prevents slipping when the jar opens, preventing plenty of messes (we've all been there, especially with jars full of liquid, like pickles). Amazon verified purchaser Nando says this is the only gadget that worked for their elderly mother, and purchaser Dr. Amy S. Wooley agrees that it's the best lid opener around.

Purchase the OXO Good Grip Jar Opener with Base Pad on Amazon for $14.95.

Best kitchen gadget for college students

From closet-size dorms to Greek life houses and plenty of places in between, not all college students have the same kitchen situation, but most are coming to this temporary housing arrangement with barebones kitchen gear and minimal storage space, so we took this factor into account when choosing our top kitchen gadget for this studious population. One thing just about every college student has is a microwave and, while VHS tapes and DVDs may be relics of the past now, movie nights are far from history, so microwave popcorn will always be a must-have snack in any college housing situation.

The Salbree Collapsible Microwave Popcorn Popper Bowl ticks all the boxes for college students: cheap, easy to clean, saves money, healthier than alternatives, and takes up virtually no space. Using real corn kernels avoids the potential chemicals in bagged popcorns (and eliminates all that extra cost). Healthy eating champion Leelalicious loves that this popper also requires no added oil for popping, unlike the traditional stovetop method, making it healthier still. Amazon verified purchaser KE likes saving space with the collapsibility of this bowl and also appreciates being able to personalize the experience with the wide range of colors available (great for gifting). Most importantly, the popular YouTube channel Freakin' Reviews was impressed that this popper popped an entire batch evenly while only leaving a few unpopped kernels behind.

Purchase the Salbree Collapsible Microwave Popcorn Popper Bowl on Amazon for $15.99.

Best kitchen gadget for weight loss

When considering weight loss, the kitchen may not be the first room that comes to mind for purchasing new gadgets. A healthy diet is important for any weight loss journey, but still, most new non-edible items you'd buy for this experience may fall more into the category of fitness equipment, not kitchen gadgets. However, there are some kitchen helpers you can snag that will assist in your effort to eat healthier as you reach your weight loss goals. Our favorite is among the simplest out there, because you surely don't need any more stress right now.

It's likely that fresh vegetables are going to be on the menu for a weight loss experience, so our favorite gadget to assist in this journey is the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Steamer because steaming fresh vegetables not only makes them tastier than microwaving or boiling them but helps maintain more of their natural nutrients and health benefits (via CNN). Bonus: Steaming is a faster cooking method, too. One happy Bed Bath & Beyond customer appreciated that this steamer easily fit all their pots and pans and loved that the handle prevented burnt fingers when removing finished foods. Amazon verified purchaser Angel M. adds that this gadget comes with the bonus capability of making perfect hard-boiled eggs in addition to steaming vegetables.

Purchase the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Steamer on Amazon for $20.99.

Best kitchen gadget for chefs

Shopping for a chef? While culinary gifts may seem like a great idea at first, you'll probably find yourself second-guessing all of your choices as you wonder if a chef would really want, or need, the items you're coming across. Kitchen professionals likely know more than the rest of us about what's best to use while cooking, and we'd like to think they actually own and use those items, themselves, but there's one gadget we think most home chefs would love and may not already have, and that's the NutriChef Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer.

There may not often be leftovers at your favorite home chef's house, but quality chefs use the freshest ingredients and may often be left with excess meats, veggies, and other perishable ingredients that are better stored than wasted. HGTV agrees that this vacuum sealer dramatically reduces food waste and preserves leftovers longer than other storage methods. Amazon verified purchaser Landshark says the NutriChef sealer is not only less expensive than many other competitors on the market, but performs better than the so-called higher-end models, too, making this a complete no-brainer for both newbies and experienced vacuum sealers. Verified purchaser Al adds that it takes up very little counter space, which we know any home chef is going to adore.

Purchase the NutriChef Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer on Amazon for $55.97.

Best kitchen gadget for singles

Among the most common cooking complaints from singles is the pervasive myth that cooking for one is difficult, so it's fair to wonder if gifting kitchen gadgets is really the best move for the singles in your life, but we say it is. Anyone can prepare delicious and nutritious meals at home, even for one, and we strongly believe this should be encouraged, so we've found a great starter gadget to introduce even doubtful singles to sensible home cooking.

Food & Wine says the Chicago Metallic Professional Lasagna Trio Pan not only allows you to cook multiple flavors and styles of lasagna simultaneously (hello, families with picky kids or dietary restrictions), but cooks lasagna more evenly than traditional baking dishes and provides more of the crispy edges everyone wants. But for singles, this divided tray makes it possible to cook far less lasagna at one time, too, as Amazon verified purchaser Music City Vol points out. And if you're trying to encourage singles to cook more, this pan can certainly be used for more than just lasagna — brownies, banana bread, and many other baked goods are all possibilities. As another customer pointed out, you can cook three completely different dishes at once, too.

Purchase the Chicago Metallic Professional Lasagna Trio Pan on Amazon for $19.10.

Best kitchen gadget for small kitchens

If you're of the camp that believes that less is more in the kitchen, you're probably not a fan of single-function kitchen gadgets to begin with (by the way, why are you reading this list?), and if you have a small kitchen yourself, you're likely to be extra cautious about introducing new items to your cabinets, counters, and drawers. We don't blame you for that one, but we've found a kitchen gadget that we're pretty sure even you would want.

You might not consider cooking utensils to be gadgets, and we're inclined to agree with you there, but the Joseph Joseph Nest Plus Utensil 5-Piece Set is more than mere utensils and has a key feature that we find valuable enough to slip this onto our list of the best kitchen gadgets, especially for space savers. All 5 dishwasher-safe utensils in this set have magnetic handles that bind them together for attractive, upright storage with a minimal countertop footprint that frees up your drawers while adding some style to your kitchen. Amazon verified purchaser Susanne J Sadik says they're ideal for spaces even as small as a camper, and verified purchaser Lucille Figueroa confirms they're as durable as they are attractive.

Purchase the Joseph Joseph Nest Plus Utensil 5-Piece Set on Amazon for $34.99.

Best kitchen gadget under $15

Collecting kitchen gadgets can become a costly endeavor if you consider just how many unique culinary tasks have their own special tools, so we think it's important to keep costs as low as possible for each (and we encourage you not to clutter your kitchen with dozens of these addictive doodads anyway). You may also be shopping for an office gift exchange or other gifting activity with a max budget, so we've set a cap at $15 for this category.

The OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer may have just one very specific use, but it's one that could save you a costly trip to the emergency room, and we think that's quite worthwhile. OSF Healthcare reports that the phenomenon dubbed "avocado hand" brought upwards of 9,000 people to emergency rooms in 2021. These slippery fruits send knives slicing across hands when mishandled, leading to deep cuts. Amazon verified purchaser Greg Magnanti had doubts about the necessity of this single-function gadget but is glad he bought it, finding it effective and easy to use. Verified purchaser Kimbur confirms it's almost impossible to hurt yourself with his gadget, no matter how inexperienced you are with avocados.

Purchase the OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer on Amazon for $11.95.

Best kitchen gadget for stocking stuffers

Shopping for stocking stuffers presents a unique challenge: the limitation of size. A stocking stuffer, quite obviously, has to be small enough to be stuffed into a stocking. In reality, the vast majority of kitchen gadgets are small enough to fulfill this spatial requirement, but we think stocking stuffers should also be amusing and inexpensive, and few are as chuckle-worthy and cheap as our top choice in this category.

The TOPIST Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner may be the most charming and quirky gadget on this list and, while we'll admit that no one actually needs this one, we don't think stocking stuffers necessarily need to be entirely practical. And hey, this one does still serve a purpose. Add a little water and vinegar into this hilarious momma, pop her into the microwave, and let the steam streaming from her head loosen all the gunk in the microwave for an easy wipe-down finish. It's that simple and adorably fun. YouTube channel Blackberry Hill House says it takes no effort to remove caked-on gunk after using Angry Mama, and Amazon verified purchaser L.M. Keefer says what we're all thinking: It's just plain fun to use. If you want to help someone crack a smile while accomplishing annoying chores like cleaning out the microwave, stuff Angry Mama in their stocking.

Purchase TOPIST Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner on Amazon for $7.99.

Best kitchen gadget for breakfast

We need to start this one with a bit of a disclaimer. In general, we don't believe appliances should qualify as gadgets, so we've tried to keep just about anything with a cord off of our list of the best kitchen gadgets, but we made an exception for this one. It may be designed and marketed for breakfast, but there's so much more you can do with it, and we love when gadgets bring more than one function to the table. Or counter.

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker does exactly what it sounds like it does, but also a bit more. At its core, it is designed to assemble and cook the classic egg, meat, and cheese sandwich on an English muffin and, provided you use precooked meat, like Canadian bacon, it certainly accomplishes this for you, cooking the egg, toasting the bread, and presenting a stacked breakfast sandwich when it's finished. For that alone, we agree with Business Insider that it's truly a time-saver and not just a gimmick. Amazon verified purchaser Brenda W finds cleanup to be surprisingly simple, and also adds that this little sandwich maker can go far beyond breakfast. Use it for any hot sandwich for lunch, dinner, or even pizza bagel snack sandwiches.

Purchase the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker on Amazon for $29.98.

Best kitchen gadget for techies

Gadgets for just about any room or activity can incorporate tech for smarter performance, and the kitchen is far from an exception. We've found one gadget that any technologically inclined home chef will appreciate, and it doesn't take an engineering degree to understand, either.

The MEATER Plus Smart Meat Thermometer takes the guesswork out of cooking meats to safe temperatures without overdoing them and can even estimate how much longer it will take your hunk of beef (or whatever) to reach your desired temperature, making meal planning all the more accurate. Barbecue experts Burning Brisket say the wireless technology of MEATER is superior to competitors, and they rely on this gadget every time they barbecue meat. Amazon verified purchaser Thomas Jernigan raves about its accuracy, but its most convenient quality may be its Bluetooth capability, allowing chefs to monitor their meet from anywhere within range and without having to open the oven door, releasing essential heat and altering cooking times.

Purchase the MEATER Plus Smart Meat Thermometer on Amazon for $99.95 as of November 2022.